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How to change the input on a Samsung TV

enero 21, 2020

How to change the input on a Samsung TV

Have you ever noticed that some things don't seem like a big deal, until you can find the solution online? How to set the timer on the washing machine or download the heart rate numbers from Fit-Bit. Another good example of a classic simple problem but difficult it comes with your Samsung TV.

Changing the input should be fairly simple, but sometimes not, and there are very few online articles that deal with the problem. For this reason, here is the solution for all people who have this type of problem.

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How to change the input on a Samsung TV

Why are there few online articles on this topic?

The fact that the Samsung TV input / source issue is not something worth writing about. In most cases, people find solutions where they can, implement the solution and then forget about it.

Have you ever played a game like X-Com where there is a big installation problem, but no one online, not even the publishers, offers solutions. So, you have to explore the forums to find the only kind soul who has uploaded a solution?

The problem with the Samsung TV very similar. There are some solutions. The best solution is to search online forums, try one solution, it fails, try another one, it doesn't go and so on until you can. Fortunately for you, this article presents all known solutions to problems, including those related to the latest 4K smart editions.

How to change the Source on your Samsung TV

You have various inputs on your Samsung TV. When using the Samsung TV menu, these are also known as sources. There is a good chance that you have more than one input / source. For example, many people have a USB input and many have HDMI ports. It is also possible to select video and audio inputs as different devices.

For example, let's say that the PlayStation is connected to HDMI and that an external hard drive is connected to the USB. In reality it is possible to have the view connected from your PlayStation, while the audio conveyed from your external hard drive. rare: For example, some people play console games while they play their podcasts on TV instead of playing video game audio.

Change the input on a Samsung TV via the Source button

Some Samsung TVs have a "Source" button on the top of the remote control. In some cases, this is the only way a Samsung TV can change its source. In other cases, it may only be possible to access the Source menu via the button. Source or by connecting something to the TV so that the Source menu appears automatically.

Change source to your Samsung TV by connecting the device to the TV while turned on

This method is quite self-explanatory. While the TV is on, connect the device to one of the input ports. In most cases, this will bring up the input / source menu on its own. In other cases, when you connect something to the TV, it will automatically switch to that source.

For example, if your game console is turned on and you connect it to the TV, the TV will probably go directly to the feed of that game console. Also, if your game console was already connected to the TV and then you turned on the console, the TV will automatically switch to the console feed.There are also times when you can turn on the console, then turn on the TV and the TV has already set itself on the console feed.

Change source to your Samsung TV via the Men

In many cases, especially with modern televisions, you can simply select the source via the normal menu. The menu is started using the remote control or a combination of simultaneously pressing buttons on the TV.

Once the menu is open, you can scroll to the option that says "Source". Select this option and it will show you all the sources / inputs that your TV has at the moment, and it may also show you which connections are missing.

If you wish, you can also label your inputs, which is just another way to rename them. only useful if you have two, for example if you are using the same two game consoles for any reason.In most cases, there is a menu to label / rename the inputs.For example, with the Samsung Q7, you need to select the input and press up.

How to change the input on a Samsung Oled UHD 4K Smart TV

Take the remote control and press the "Home" button. This will open a menu bar that usually runs at the bottom of the screen. In the menu, scroll left until you get to the word "Source".

Select Source and takes you to the input screen. From here, you can select your inputs. You can also rename these sources if you wish. Just select the input icon and press up, and this will bring up the option. edit.You can edit your HDMI sources, but you cannot rename apps.

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