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Best apps to ensure data security on iPhone / iPad

enero 21, 2020

LiPhone a particularly protected Smartphone, but not all the Apps and the means we use inside it are armored as we think. How can we increase the data security of our mobile phone using the suitable Apps?

If you need to contact multiple users outside of iMessageusate Signal (). Why are we telling you there? iMessage (or Messages) currently one of the best communication methods in the world. It is particularly secure and linked to an almost completely inviolable Apple service. In short, if we want to contact someone safely we do it with iMessage. But what if this person doesn't have an Apple device? It cannot enjoy full protection, and our messages can be detected by other snoops. In that case, time to use Signal. It is present on multiple devices and offers a particularly high level of protection, with encryption similar to iMessage (End to End). Download it together and you will speak in a more than safe environment.

Use a VPN, like NordVPN (). What is a VPN? For a long time they are called Virtual Private Network and they are the most direct evolution of the old Proxies. Through this connection, you will appear as connected from another state and your identity will be hidden. Much of your information, including DNS, will not be leaked through this connection. You can use any VPN that you consider suitable, but NordVPN one of the most suitable ones. It has servers everywhere and as such not very slow, keep in mind that using a VPN slows down your connection and this greatly strengthens the security of your connection.

Encrypt your emails, with ProtonMail (). If you send a lot of emails, don't miss an encryption key. ProtonMail is an App that can keep your messages safe in any type of content, encrypting it during the entire duration of communication between one server and another. Ideal if you send messages that must have some sort of protection and have sensitive data inside.

Protect your Passwords, with LastPass (). Passwords are very important. Complicated and they never turn to anything of ours. But what if these are leaked to the network? It becomes something particularly dangerous for our personal life. You can avoid all this with LastPass: passwords are crammed into a single and protected document, and you can use a single password for all passwords in your database. In this way, you can protect all your passwords and also use complicated and very long ones. LastPass uses a unique key for everything and never communicates it to the websites it connects to!

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