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You can also buy videos in Italy from iTunes

enero 20, 2020

For now, as Macity has already explained in a previous article, users outside the US are not yet authorized to buy videos, this, at least officially because unofficially some videos can be regularly purchased and played on their computer.

The "trick" that has been reported to us by various readers, whom we thank, accessible and to all users of the iTunes Music Store (sponsor) and has as its presupposition the use of the list of links to the "top 100 videos", present (for which hard reason to say, since, as mentioned, videos cannot be purchased on our store) in the lower right part of the home page of the iTunes Music Store.

By clicking on the individual song titles, as expected, you get a message telling us that that song (video in the specific case) cannot be purchased, but if you enter the list of "top 100 videos" you still get the list of movies available (eight in all). Here too, by clicking on the title, you have the same message that specifies that the purchase is not possible from the Italian store, but if you decide to deepen it by clicking on the "buy video" button, perhaps intrigued by the fact that prices are in euros (2 , 49 for each movie), purchase authorization is obtained and the movie is downloaded regularly.

Attention, for: once you click on "Buy video", you will not have the opportunity to rethink (the question "are you sure you want to buy …" is not presented), as it happens if you buy music

Going back to the purchase, it must also be said that the same procedure does not work if you go for a test on the much richer (video) American store. Here the prices are in dollars and if you try to buy the road is blocked by the system.

So, at the moment, it seems that the only tracks that can be bought are eight

– Luxo (Pixar short film) – Thriller (Michael Jackson) – Don’t Tell Me (Madonna) – Like a Prayer (Madonna) – Vertigo (U2) – The Reason (Hoobastank– Music (Madonna) – Bad Girl (Madonna)

We are not even close to the 2000 video clips of the American store, but enough to do some experiments and preview the thrill of a function that we will implement only later.

Obviously to make video purchases you need to have the latest version of iTunes (6.0), QuickTime 7.03 and an account on iTunes.

It is also interesting to note that the protection of digital rights of films follows the same pattern as music. Once the clip has been purchased, the computer must be enabled to run. Apple allows playback of up to five different computers.

Even the location of the downloaded videos the same as the songs: inside the "music" folder, in the directory of the user who performed the download. The playback of the films occurs, of course, using iTunes. In this case they appear in the preview on the left (where you can see the cover arts), by double clicking they are reproduced in full screen (with a not optimal resolution). An alternative to drag on the QuickTime icon. In this case they can be seen in the application window but not in full screen, unless you have the "Pro" version of QT.

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