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Windows 10 ESD license at the lowest price: here's where

enero 20, 2020


ESD license Windows 10 on Amazon on offer for 5 euros? Not a joke, all true. Where to buy Windows 10 ESD license at the lowest price

Windows ESD licenses What are they? Are they legal?


Do you want purchase the original Windows 10 license but it costs too much? You have no intention of spending 145 or 259 euros to buy the Windows 10 license on the Microsoft website?You need to find Windows 10 digital license?

No problem!

In this article we will see how to buy one original Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro license at low price.

Like? Simple: using one digital license Windows 10.

No, not a joke. By following our instructions, you can buy one totally and legally original digital license for Windows 10 that will allow you to activate your operating system in a few clicks, directly on Amazon, with all the guarantees offered by the famous e-commerce.


Let's not get lost in useless chatter, let's start with the guide!

Windows 10 Home ESD license on Amazon

I know it sounds incredible, illegal or irregular, but everythingtrue,perfectlyworking, testedby thousands of users,legaland the positive reviews from sellers on Amazon confirm this.

If you are looking for a regular and original Windows 10 license at the lowest internet price and at low cost, just click on one of the following links to complete the purchase in an instant.

As anticipated, you can buy the Windows 10 or Windows 10 Professional license in Italian directly on Amazon.

It's about a digital license, in the sense that you will NOT receive any CD or DVD with Windows 10, but just download it from Microsoft servers and then activate it with the original license number that you will receive sent by email after purchasing the product on Amazon.

Windows 10 digital license where to find it?

Here is a selection of the best sellers regarding Windows 10 ESD licenses on Amazon:

In short, a couple of clicks and a normal purchase on Amazon will be enough for save a lot of money on the original Windows 10 license.

Windows 10 Amazon license: legal?

Yes, absolutely yes, otherwise Amazon would not allow the sale of these licenses and Windows would not allow to activate the operating system.

And, as I anticipated, if you have any doubts or fears, just read the many customer reviews on Amazon: all extremely positive, with the delivery of the original Windows 10 license key which takes place via email immediately after the purchase of the product.

You will therefore not have to wait for any delivery by mail or courier, just complete the purchase of the product on Amazon to receive the Windows 10 license (32 or 64 bit) directly in your email, with all the simple instructions which will allow you to download Windows 10 and activate it online in one click.

Guaranteed savings: you can spend 2 euros for the license of your interest, against the 150-250 euros requested by Microsoft on the official website. Of course, you won't have the original Windows 10 DVD, but you can always download and burn it independently, saving a lot of money anyway.

How to install Windows 10 with ESD license?

The lawful question. How can I install Windows 10 on a new PC if I don't have an installation DVD or CD?

Don't worry, everything is very simple.

Among the many ways you can choose, I recommend you:

  • burn Windows 10 to CD or DVD and do a manual installation, just like you would with the original Windows 10 disc. In this case, just have any program to burn ISO format images to DVD (the one already present by default on your PC works great, alternatively try THIS)
  • create a USB stick from which to install Windows 10 (in this way you will not waste CDs and DVDs and you can install Windows 10 even on PCs not equipped with an optical reader). In this second case I suggest you follow this guide: Install Windows 10 from USB on PC and Laptops

And here in a few moments you will be able to install Windows 10 even without the original DVD or installation disc.


Okay, I'd say we're done with this article on how to buy the cheap Windows 10 license.

Guaranteed savings and online shopping protected by Amazon. No risk, a lot of money that remains in your wallet and that you can spend in another way.

Everything for today.

In case of doubts, questions or problems, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible!

Windows 10 license is about to expire

If you must renew your Windows 10 license, you need buy a new Windows 10 license and you want to save money, this is your chance.

Don't wait for yours Windows 10 license has expired, get rid of the license expiration notice, follow our advice and renew it spending very little thanks to Amazon and digital licenses.

Windows 10 license term

The license will last for life: once purchased, it will be yours forever and you will not have to buy it or renew it again. Given the extremely low price, I would think about it.

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