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Where to download cracked games for Mac? GUIDE 2020

enero 20, 2020


Where are cracked Mac games found? Looking for free Mac games? Do you want to download free Mac games? Here is the guide for you!

Games for Mac free download: the complete guide


In recent days and in general in recent months I have received several requests from users in possession of Mac and Apple computers.

Since the request seemed interesting to me and I found that many users on Google are looking for the same thing, I decided to share the article with all of you to respond to other users who may be interested in this topic.

The question is the following: "Where to download cracked Mac games?"

The answer as simple as it is complicated.

There are in fact dozens of websites that allow you to download games and programs for Mac, iMac, MacBook and macOS.Just make a simple one Google search to really find everything. The problem that, always through Google, are found hundreds of very dangerous websites, full of advertisements, banners, pop-up windows and even viruses.

Watch out for sites that offer cracked Mac games

First of all, I remind you that there are manywebsites offering Mac games free of charge, but before downloading them they force users to view many advertising windows that can also install unnecessary or even malicious programs on your computer.

And this happens at best, because it can also happen that these sites do at the end of the tour download DMG files full of viruses and malwarethat users unknowingly install on their devices.

So, instead of a game or a program, in a moment you install a virus that formats Mac, steals personal data, violates privacy and so on.Very very serious!

In conclusion, very dangerous download cracked games Macdal web, without forgetting the legal speech: in fact, it is not absolutely legal to download game files and programs for Mac.

Much better, therefore, download apps directly from the Mac App Store (Apple's official virtual store), securely and perfectly legally, by paying developers for the work they do. Would you work for free? It seems to me correct to pay the developers for what they have done by investing time, perhaps and money.

Having said that, clear that download download cracked games for Mac very dangerous from various points of view and it would be better DO NOT DO IT.

Cracked Mac games to download for free: where are they?

If you take all the responsibility for the case, do everything at your own risk and do not care about the dangers of any kind, I can tell you that, among the many sites available, the safest, best and most reliable one certainlysitohttps: //

The diiphonecake websiteis updated every minute with apps, games, and programs: there are all the free ones, but also those that would normally be paid on the Mac AppStore.

We know that there are not many games available for Mac, at least the most beautiful ones that we find on Windows or on Steam, but if you are looking for a Mac game among those available on the App Store, you will surely find it to download for free on suiphonecake.

The site looks really professional: divided into sections (Mac and iPhone / iPad mainly), then each app, game or program present inside it divided into the same categories that are on the Mac App Store. You can search to find the app that corresponds to your interests or browse the list of the most downloaded ones.

To use iphonecake you don't need any registration and all for free.

It is evident that Heaven is truly heaven for anyone who wantscracked Mac games to download for free(but not only).

GamesMac download: how to do it?

Download apps, games and programs from iphonecake easy.

You simply have to:

How to download cracked Mac games

  • search for the name of the program or game you want to download for free via Mac search box at the top right
  • go to her card, as if it were Apple's App Store

  • choose the latest version available and download it from one of the file hosting sites where the file was uploaded.

IMPORTANT: all games, programs and apps They are NOT uploaded to diiphonecake servers, but on external file hosting sites, such as Turbobit, Dailyuploads or Sendspace.

  • To proceed with the download, I recommend you:
  • check the file upload date, in the DATE field (obviously the most recent versions are also the most updated)
  • if the file has been uploaded to multiple hostin file sitesg, in general try to choose (if possible) Turbobit, that fast enough and with little publicity
  • once you click on the name of the file hosting site where the game was loaded, a new page will open (which of course changes based on the file hosting site you've chosen). From here you will have to follow the instructions on the screen to start downloading the game. Below is the example of Turbobit, but as anticipated the procedure may change based on the download site you have selected
  • in ALL cases, on any file hosting site, ALWAYS choose the procedure with the free / normal / slower download

  • started the download, you just have to wait for it to complete. Obviously the download speed depends on many factors, such as the weight of the game, the speed of your internet and the file hosting site from which you are downloading

Best adiphonecake alternative

If for any reason the iphonecake site is not functional or does not have the game of your interest, I strongly advise you to try the best alternative, which is called "Insmac" and it works exactly the same way.

Go to the site, look for the game you are interested in and download it from one of the many links on the page.

Best adiphonecake alternative

If you need more alternatives yet, I recommend these sites:

  • (to download via the network torrent)

How to install cracked Mac games

Once you download the game or Mac program of your interest, you will have a file DMG, which corresponds to the installation file to be started on the Mac.

At that point you just have to click on it twice to start the installation quickly. Follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the installation to complete and open the game or program.

Nothing could be easier.

NOTE –Open an app from an unidentified developer

In certain cases, when you try to install the game or program, this error message may appear: "Could not open App Name because it comes from an unidentified developer."

Don't worry, a normal Mac security lock. To temporarily fix the problem:

  • Open the app in question by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then chooseYou openfrom the context menu
  • The app will be inserted as an exception to the security settings and will no longer be subject to control

To solve the root problem instead,however, I advise you to disable this security check that Apple has activated by default on macOS:

  • Go upSystem preferences> Security and privacyand dalmenAllow apps downloaded from:chooseEverywhere
  • Then click onAllow from anywhereas soon as the warning appears (enable changes if necessary from the icon at the bottom left if necessary)
  • Here we go, problem solved!

How to update Mac cracked games

Before concluding, I remind you that i Cracking Mac games install manually are not updated via the Apple AppStore (obviously).

Upon release of a new version, therefore, you will have to download the DMG file of the game, app or daiphonecake program again and install it again by updating the previous version.


I would say that we concluded with the guide.

For doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will reply as soon as possible.

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