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TomTom on Huawei smartphones, the alternative to Google Maps

The smartphone maker has had to come up with new ways to replace any technology after the U.S. ban, especially on the services side to be integrated such as interactive maps

Soon we could see the application of maps and TomTom services on Huawei smartphones thanks to a partnership between the Chinese giant and the Dutch company that has been producing for years satellite navigation systems for cars, motorcycles, PDAs and smartphones. Official confirmation comes from Remco Meerstra, spokesman for TomTom, which has in fact announced that it has closed an agreement with Huawei Technologies for the use of its maps and its digital cartography services in the devices of the Chinese manufacturer.

Google Maps alternative

It is now known as theUSA call has made life in Huawei more difficult especially when it comes toGoogle, preventing the Chinese giant from using Big G home apps and services. And Huawei continues to build theits alternative to Android. Specifically, to Google services that could disappear from its mobile devices in the short term.

And if Huawei would be completing its operating system for smartphones and tablets, made from the open source source code of Android, one of the main problems to be solved would remain that of services.Huawei from fattonon cannot install the various Play Stores, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Assistant on its devices. And forced to find agreements with service providers, of course, not US, so that they can install their products on Chinese smartphones.

TomTom on Huawei smartphones

One of these services is widely used Google Maps for which Huawei seems to have found a valid alternative. TomTomfornir maps, real-time traffic information and software for Huawei smartphones. And since TomTom is based in the Netherlands, Huawei can avoid the U.S. government's commercial ban, which prevents the Chinese phone maker from dealing with American companies. Always TomTom spokesman Remco Meerstra alleged that the deal with Huawei had long since been concluded, although the company had refrained from making the news public for unspecified reasons.

TomTom maps and other digital services from Dutch developer they will therefore find space inside the HMSe ecosystem, when Huawei officially launches Harmony OS, users will find the TomTom navigator on the Huawei smartphones already pre-installed.