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The drain on the Nasdaq

enero 20, 2020

The drain of the Nasdaq – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The Wall Street day ended with a real bloodbath for the technological titles. As mentioned in an article posted late in the evening yesterday, sales started as a result of Gateway's announcement of significantly worse than expected profits for this quarter. The market, which has been suspicious of the sector's health for weeks, took advantage of the opportunity to punish practically all the stocks in the sector.Cos, in a 4% drop in the NASDAQ, Gateway lost 36% but also other market players computer science did not go well. Della sold 12%, like Microsoft, HP 8, Intel 10, Xilinx (one of the major companies in the integrated circuit sector) 11%. Apple did not do better losing more than 6% and reaching 16 $. So the AAPL stock did mark a new 18-month low now. Such low prices had not been seen since 11 March 1999. At that time AAPL was at 32% (16 today, after the split) and was preparing to launch a race that would have projected it at $ 150 at the beginning of this Now, although some analysts (few in truth) predict a rapid return of investors, most believe it is almost impossible to say whether the bottom of the well has been touched. "Similar predictions – underlines Brian Belski, of U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray at C / Net – have failed miserably in the past. " For Apple, in addition to the rest, many other variables are at stake besides those of the technology sector: from the ability to produce innovative products again, to the response of its technological partners to the challenge of innovation, to the liquidation of the warehouse.

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