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T-Mobile, here are the iPhone rates in Germany

enero 20, 2020

T-Mobile, here are the iPhone tariffs in Germany – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

All confirmed for iPhone rates in Germany. The advances of, of which we also spoke a few days ago, proved to be exact: 24-month mandatory contract, monthly cost starting from 49 euros to 89 euros with an intermediate rate of 69 euros. The T-Mobile website publishes the information

All as expected also with regard to the included minutes which are really few: 100 for the base rate, 1000 for the "XL" and 200 for the intermediate. T-Mobile is not particularly generous even for the SMS included in the price: just 40 (a little more than one per day) for the rate from 49 euros to 200 and then 1000. The extra minutes of communication cost 39 cents euro for the two entrance fees and 29 euro cents for the 89 euro fare. Each SMS exceeding the monthly maximum will cost 19 euro cents.

The most controversial aspect concerns, as already for the United Kingdom (where there seems to be a limit of 200 MB per month), the system with which the use of iPhones is allowed for data transfer. A note on the T-Mobile website seems to say that above 200 Mega per month (for the 49 euro rate) or above 1 Gb or 5GB (for the other two rates) the transfer speed is limited to 64 Kbit in download and 16 kbit upload. At the moment it is not clear whether this limitation concerns the use of the iPhone on the T-Mobile Wifi network or even the cellular network, but in both cases it would be a serious limitation of the iPhone's use functions and the confirmation that the flat rate, essential for the success of the telephone, in Europe it is very difficult to pass as a concept.

But beyond this controversial aspect, the first comments do not seem to be favorably oriented as regards costs; tariffs are considered rather expensive compared to the offer of other German operators and also of T-Mobile itself, even in relation to the revolutionary Apple phone. The feared risk that, in the face of a high management price, many possible customers will withdraw, limiting the success of the iPhone.

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