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Recommended applications to download for free on Android

One thing we will always love about the presence of Android Free apps with which we can do anything we want, without paying anything. Sometimes it is difficult to find the best and most reliable ones that do not steal our data or fill us with advertising.

No problem, we'll take care of it! In this list you will find all the most reliable and best quality free Apps for your Smartphone equipped with Android. So make yourself comfortable, take your smartphone and start searching on Google Play for the following applications.

1. Signal

For all your messaging needs! For some time now, sending messages safely can be a long and complicated operation, unless we use a complete solution like Signal. In fact, this messenger takes full account of our Privacy by using one of the best encryption media on the market, second only to that of Apple. A great little program to contact our friends (also via voice or video) in complete safety.

2. Nova Launcher

For an alternative and customizable Launcher! A launcher certainly well known, which never fails to fit into more needs: it can be used to make our mobile phone lighter or equip it with more effects, to bring it closer to other smartphones such as the Google Pixel. In its free form it offers an excellent series of functions, many of which are already perfect for optimizing our mobile phone.

3.Phonograph Music Player

To listen to music in many forms! You may have thought of more universal programs, such as VLC, but moreover one of the best programs to listen only to Phonograph music. It is currently a very detailed player, but made easier for those who want a direct experience and without particular problems for listening to dogni day. Simple, but powerful!

4.Sophos Mobile Security

To defend ourselves against infections. It undermined antiviruses like Avast and Kaspersky as far as free solutions are concerned, offering high protection without asking for anything in return. Sophos has continuous and direct control of the less secure Apps, as well as being continuously updated by a lot of independent and reliable users, with reports on programs and dangerous pages.

5.DigiCal Calendar

To set commitments and appointments. At this point many of you are wondering Why not Google ?. Clearly its program is already pre-included in many Android installations, besides we considered it a program that wants to know a little too much about us. DigiCal Calendar does not make commitments on this matter: easy to use and offers more or less all the functions that you can also find in other programs for a completely free solution.


To edit all our videos! If you want to edit your videos to give them just that extra boost in quality, looking for something for free can be complicated unless we are looking for KineMaster! It is one of the most complete programs for this purpose, and also very powerful. All the basic options are free and without limits, something ideal for those who have to edit their videos on the fly and without much pretension.

7. Snapseed

To edit all our photos! And here is instead a perfect program offered by Google, which is the most suitable to edit all our photos with a wide range of effects and optimizations. Snapseed 100% free, with integrated support even for lesser known or professional extensions (such as RAW formats). It takes a while to learn it but perfect for all occasions.

8. ReadEra

For those who love reading books It is difficult to think of a program for reading eBooks, especially when there are a lot of famous names around. But Read was the program worth trying: free first of all, and it supports all the main formats for reading documents and books. You don't need to know anything in particular: you can recognize and save formats in a single large library that we can consult at any time. Also, always save the page where we stopped before closing the program.