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Quark: QXP 5 is not in beta

enero 20, 2020

Quark: QXP 5 not in beta – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Quark Xpress not yet in beta. The clarification comes from the British office in Quark and follows the press rumors released in recent days on revelations, in fact, of an English newspaper. According to these sources, the new release is now close to its final testing phase which would take a long time, until next July, before leading to a release. "Quark 5 – a spokesman for the company told MacWorld UK – now defined in its characteristics and being evaluated by a small group of users, but not yet reached the beta phase ". The Quark spokesman said that before releasing a product that can be defined with "beta", the developers will complete a very thorough test cycle, the most severe and rigorous ever implemented on a version of XPress. Quark does not mention any release date, n of beta versions n of definitive versions. It is probable that the release date hypothesized in recent days and which fixes the debut of QXP 5 in the summer will be respected.We remind that the new version of QXP should have functions particularly expected by users, such as level control, editing of tables and integration with the Web.

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