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Programs to Connect PS3 Joystick to PC / Mac

enero 20, 2020

If you are in this article it means that you are looking for advice on which programs to use to manage and connect the Joystick of your PS3 to your computer (Windows PC or Mac). Obviously, before seeing how to connect Joystick to PC / Mac, you will need to get the Joystick (or more commonly calledPS3 controller).If you have the PS3 controller, follow these steps to connect the PS3 joystick to the PC / Mac.

Important: By doing an internet search you will most likely have found several guides that report the MotioninJoy program to do this. For this program it seems to be no longer functional, so we advise you to try the solution that we describe below.

# 1. How to Connect PS3 Joystick to PC (Windows)

Step 1) Connect the PS3 joystick via USB cable to your PC. You will see a window like this that warns of driver search and installation:

Step 2)DownloadMicrosoft .NET 4.0,Visual C ++ 2013 Runtimefrom the official Microsoft website and install them on your computer

Step 3) Install the latest driver forXbox 360 controlleron your computer. This will allow the system to recognize the PS3 joystick as well. You can download this driver from the Microsoft website or you can get help from a Driver program, which can find any missing drivers.

Step 4) Download and install the TCP Tookit.

4-1) Extract the files from the zip

4-2) In the downloaded files folder go to ScpServer> bin. Double click on the applicationScpDriver

4-3) ClickInstall.

4-4) After installation, close the window

4-5) Return to the folderbinand double click now on the fileScpMonotor.

Now you should see the joystick of your PS 3 under Pad 1.

This means that the connection was successful and you can use the joystick on your PC.

#2. How to connect PS3 joystick to your Mac

How to connect PS3 joystick to PC

If you have a Mac OS X and you want to connect the PS3 controller to it, you can take advantage of the Bluetooth connection. First, then turn on Bluetooth on your Mac.

Then connect the PS3 controller to a USB port on the Mac via the USB cable. After a few seconds, unplug the cable and hold the buttonPS(the central one) present on the Joystick for at least three seconds.

If everything goes correctly, it should also appear (among the associated devices)PLAYSTATION (R) 3 Controller.If it does not appear, repeat the operation over again. Obviously this procedure must be done only the first time: once the mac recognizes the joystick then it will no longer be necessary to carry out this configuration.

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