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Opera surrenders to IE?

enero 20, 2020

Opera surrenders to IE? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Opera is preparing to release version 5.0 of its navigator for Windows and at the same time could abandon the path of marketing the product in favor of "sponsored" navigation. If the indiscretion, launched today by ZDNet were true, it could be assumed to be facing another illustrious victim of the pressure exerted by Internet Explorer on the world of the Internet. Opera, until version 4.0, the latest officially released, was sold by the manufacturer for an amount close to $ 50. Recent information claimed that the number of licenses actually sold was so low that it did not account for such an expensive operation as the development and implementation of the browser. This is despite the fact that authoritative sources have repeatedly praised the quality of the browser and its compliance with HTML standards. The decision to suspend traditional marketing in favor of a sponsored product had already been made some time ago also by Qualcomm which uses the banners in its Eudora mail client. Also in this case it had been, in fact, an surrender to the competition impossible with OutLook which, like IE, is included with every computer with Win installed.Operators of Opera have in no way commented on the indiscretion refusing to confirm the possible release of version 6.0 next week. Not even given to know if the versions for other platforms will also be distributed with the same formula as sponsored navigation. The Mac version, as mentioned several times from these pages, still in the initial testing phase.

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