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New threats to FairPlay

enero 20, 2020

There is a new threat to the iTunes DRM. To propose it an American software development company, Navio Systems, specialized in applications for the sale of music on the Internet whose stated objective is to put on the market a solution to offer the public music compatible with iPod but not protected with FairPlay.

According to what stated to some American media, the milestone will be reached with the reverse engineering of FairPlay, a system that is independent of a software license, limiting itself to reconstructing its operation by studying its processes.

Navio claims that FairPlay is just one of many DRMs of its interest and that the goal is simply to provide its customers with a system to sell music in the most productive and simple way possible. "For this we will provide in the future not only software capable of making songs compatible with iPods – said the CEO of Navio Ray Schaaf – but also solutions for other DRM systems".

Navio takes Real as an example, which has produced software that can make songs sold on its store usable with iPod, while maintaining copy protection. Schaaf's company does not seem concerned about the possible measures that Apple could take to make it difficult to circumvent its DRM. "The moment we make a change, we will modify our software accordingly," Schaaf's position.

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