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Madonna unsarced.

Madonna focused on two small and exclusive mini concerts, a few weeks ago the first at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, Tuesday night in a "hot" Brixton Academy in London, dressed up for the occasion, in western-style, but revised and corrected by the dynamic duo Dolce & Gabbana … 3500 VIPs (no ticket sales, only invitations) and a few million in front of their computer to try to see the "divine" Madonna singing five songs, or rather six, given the encore represented by a devastating (in the London room and in your reporter's memoirs) "Holiday" (Real). Since the home page, Madonna has shown that she has made the best choices in terms of software that works well on the Internet: Flash 4 and QuickTime 4. On this occasion, however, perhaps to give a blow to the rim and a blow to the barrel, not only has it relied on direct internet, which is notoriously not a very reliable media for operations of this type or, but has also decided to grant a chance to Microsoft, with its streaming media Windows Media Player. The aim was a direct on the desktop of the computers of half the world of the mini-concert in London Let's start by saying that Microsoft-MSN-Hotmail (the Microsoft portal from which you had to necessarily pass) was not able to do the direct that for a few close friends . Too many accesses and too many "crowds" for the possibilities of the network. So many have been waiting, unaware of the fact that they would never have been able to access the site. In parallel, the quality for those who had the good fortune to get to see the images was very bad. Blame the slow connection speeds, they say to Microsoft. Who has a 56k modem what can he expect? Certainly not a DVD quality, as promised by some announcements. Considerations that have their foundation, but the image result for Madonna and also for Microsoft has certainly not been at the top. Perhaps, it can be commented, it would have been more appropriate to use traditional media such as the various TV networks, such as MTV or VH1, or to promise less. Who knows that the lesson will not serve the future, in particular to Madonna, but also to others realities that will decide similar initiatives and perhaps also to Microsoft itself. In Redmond, in any case, even in the eye of the hurricane and in the front row to assert its identity also in the sector of streaming on the Internet against standards, such as QuickTime and also Real, which in other situations have had better luck, a result they did. They installed on a few million machines that lacked their Media Player. That then has not had a disruptive success in affirming its qualities, this is another matter.