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Late night in Cupertino

enero 20, 2020

Late night in Cupertino – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The crisis in the computer market, now officially open, hit all the players in the sector a little bit hard, but doing more than others could be Compaq and Apple. Even Apple could be forced to delay the release of new products to cope with a drop in sales that shows no sign of slowing down and warehouse stocks that remain frighteningly high. This is the common opinion of numerous analysts interviewed by C / Net on the basis of the data provided in the past weeks by the two companies. , around 11 weeks, well above the market average. The problems caused by high warehouse stocks are one of the worst problems for an IT company and a real bogey for those who decide to invest their shares on them. Too many unsold machines in the canals and warehouses mean in fact the need to lower prices to liquidate them and therefore lower profits in the short term but also less machines sold in the medium term. In fact, liquidation has the beneficial effect of lowering stocks but also of saturating the market which no longer receives further stress in the following months. This triggers a chain reaction that can lead to serious economic problems, as Apple well knows from the experience of Spindler's years of crisis, a crisis that spreads like a shock wave over the whole world. market, in particular if the protagonists at stake are the size of Apple and Compaq. C / Net stresses that if Compaq's warehouses should worry, the state of Apple's ones should also cause greater concern. The Texan company, in fact, profits from the servers and therefore should not suffer particularly in view of Christmas. On the contrary, Apple rests almost entirely on the consumer sector and this with a market that is down 25% compared to the previous year, certainly does not represent a nice business card. In addition to this, Apple has not improved its situation in the last few weeks, not even by forcing its hand with discounts and promotions. In fact, sales have fallen further in the last few days, falling by 31% in the week of November 5 and by 29% for the week. November 12th. "This situation could force the Cupertino company – Tim Business of Technology Business Research's opinion – to delay the release of new products at the MacWorld Expo". Apple could decide, according to the analyst, to preview them, but not to put them up for sale. "The opinion, to the writer, seems to be unfounded. If in fact the problem the liquidation of warehouses Apple could hardly afford the luxury of presenting products without releasing them. Waiting for the new, and in our case almost undoubtedly more modern models, Apple users would end up refusing to buy any of the products still in channels and warehouses today.

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