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HQ Trivia, the global cash prize quiz, also arrives on Android

Two shows a day, live, for hundreds of thousands of competing participants. Whoever answers the 12 questions correctly wins

(Photo: Intermedia Labs)(Photo: Intermedia Labs)

From today even the endless audience of Android users can be sucked into the black hole of HQ Trivia, the live quiz game in app format born from the minds of Rus Yusupov and Colin Krol, creators of the late Vine.

In recent months the app has been available exclusively on iOS devices, but this has not prevented it from enjoying explosive success (and several criticisms) thanks to a formula made up of two new elements: on the one hand, a series of 12 questions asked point-blank inside two 10-minute mini shows daily and conducted live by a presenter; on the other a prize money up for grabs for anyone who can correctly answer all the questions proposed in the episode a few hundred dollars at the beginning, but now regularly in the thousands.

Now, as has already been announced by the developers, HQ Trivia ready to land on Android: the Google Play Store still indicates it as a preview app, a sign that probably the experience could give some marginal problems but in fact you can already download it for free.

Few basic rules to know: to answer each question (in English) they are made available only 10 seconds; at the first mistake you are deletedfor the rest of the quiz; if nobody wins, the prize is up for grabs it adds up to that of the next episode; in case of victory of more participants, the prize pool comes equally divided.

The app takes into account the total collected in the various episodes and, after exceeding a minimum of 20 dollars, gives the possibility of collect the amount via PayPal. Needless to say, the game is going to get really tough: at Christmas, when the audience of potential participants was still limited to iOS users, people competing for the jackpot were 730 thousand; with the arrival on Android, HQ Trivia it can be downloaded by hundreds of millions of users, some of which will most likely be Google and the most disparate means of winning at any cost. Moreover, when the competition offered a few pennies, it could still be considered healthy; at these levels, critics of the app point out, is likely to turn into a preview of a dystopian future at the Black Mirror.


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