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How to search and add friends on Google Stadia

enero 20, 2020

Play together with your own friends certainly more fun than doing the same action alone. Also in Google Stadia, the platform dedicated to video games developed by the Silicon Valley, you can search and add your acquaintances. This way you can get in touch with them and experience your favorite titles in the company.

The Google Stadia logo

This is the Google Stadia logo, that is, what will make the platform recognizable in a little bit all over the world.

First of all, to be immediately recognizable, we advise you not to miss our article Google Stadia: how to change your username and avatar, so as to freely customize your account.

Google Stadia, for the uninitiated, a platform that allows fans to try their favorite titles without necessarily having a gaming computer, which can even cost several thousand euros, or one consul. All the titles, thanks to Stadia, are in fact processed directly by the Google servers, which ensure a very high quality.

Still, the catalog offered is not the best, but by continuing to work on it we are sure that the company can guarantee its users something good.

How to search and add friends on Stadia

For to add yours friends and start new adventures in their company, you will first need to connect to the official website or to the application for Android and iOS. Log in to your account by clicking on the appropriate button and entering your data. After completing this procedure correctly, just click on the icon in which two people are represented.

The icon

This is the icon inside Stadia that refers to friends. Thanks to this symbol, you can search for new contacts, friend requests and a list of friends.

Here you will find a list of all your Stadia friends, also understanding who of them online. To add someone else, just click on the magnifying glass.

The symbol that portrays a magnifying glass

By clicking on the magnifying glass it will be possible to search.

Enter, in the box that will automatically appear (1), the nickname of your friend, trying to bring it back as it is, so as to avoid possible problems. Stadia will offer you one or more results: click on the correct profile or press the button directly with the + (2).

The search for users on Google Stadia

In this box you can search (1) and find several matching results (2).

If your have chosen the first hypothesis, which is also the most recommended, since you will be able to see the main information about that person, you will have to click on Add friend.

The button

To add a user to the list of friends, just click on the "Add friend" button.

Now all you have to do is wait for your friend to accept the request, a bit like on Facebook.

How to accept friend requests on Stadia

Of course, other users will also be able to send you one request, which you can then accept or reject.

Connect to the Stadia website or download the application for mobile devices. Try againaccess and click on the Amici icon, located at the top, next to the symbol that corresponds to your profile.

The logo

This is the icon inside Stadia that refers to friends. Thanks to this symbol, you can search for new contacts, friend requests and a list of friends.

Under your name, before the list of your friends, you will find all the possible ones friendship request. The absence of elements will make it clear that no one, at least for the moment, has sent you this invitation.

A friend request on Google Stadia

Friend requests automatically appear under your account name.

Then choose which request to select and click on it. At this point, you can choose to click on:

  • accept, to add the person to the list of friends, so that he can play with him;
  • Rejectif you wish to discard the request instead.

A friend request

You can decide to accept a request, so that you can play with that person, or to reject it.

How to change privacy settings on Stadia

Many users may encounter a problem: the impossibility of being found from your friends. This condition could be quite annoying, since it doesn't allow gamers to receive friend requests.

It exists for a simple procedure with which you can solve the problem by changing the privacy settings. First, open the app or website again, log in and click on the icon of your account at the top, recognizable by the symbol you have chosen previously.

The profile picture

After logging in, instead of the useful button to access your profile there will be your photo.

If you are in front of the PC, click on “Stadia settings“.If you are using another device, you can also skip this step, as the procedure is slightly different.

"Stadia Settings", useful for making changes to your account. This item is present only on the personal computer.

Click, in the screen that will automatically open, the item “Friends and privacy".

With the item "Friends and privacy" you can change the privacy of your account, so as to better manage everything.

In this screen, you will find the item of our interest. At the top there should be the wording Who can send you a friend request?. In this section you can open a drop-down menu in which to select your preference.

In "Friends and privacy", after clicking on the item, you will find a drop-down menu with all the possible choices.

The possible choices are:

  • "Nobody“: No user will be able to send you friend requests or even find you using the specific function we mentioned previously;
  • "Friends and their friends“: Only those who have friends in common with you will be able to send you a friend request;
  • "All players“: This is the perfect choice for anyone who would like to be found by everyone.

The possible privacy choices in Google Stadia

The three possible choices are: "Nobody", "Friends and their friends" and "Everyone". The third allows you to receive friendship requests from all users.

The selection should be made according to your needs, since even people you don't know could send you a friend request, perhaps annoying you.

Conclusion: play together

In this guide we have therefore explained how to do it to add people to your list friends on Google Stadia, how to accept friendship requests and how to edit it privacy of your account, so that other people can find you too.

After adding to the list friends other people, it will be much easier to play with them and know when they are actually connected to the platform. Even within the video games themselves, in fact, you can get in touch with them. This way you can make your experience even more funny.

Unfortunately, for the moment, not many fans have chosen Google Stadia, but things could change in a short time.

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