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How to do if WhatsApp doesn't work well

enero 20, 2020

What to do if Whatsapp is down and does not work properly, you cannot send photos or videos or you can chat. Some useful tips.

How to do if Whatsapp doesn't work well? Many are now employees of the famous application for mobile devices that allows you to send instant messages for free via a 4G and WiFi data connection. As also in the past, already happened to fail to send or receive photos, stickers and video messages, as well as the exchange of voice messages.For example, on Sunday 19 January for six hours, with a peak of interruptions immediately after noon, for various users in the world, including Italy confirm the tilt of the instant messaging service for smartphones was the

Self Whatsapp from problems and blocked, can really create great headaches for all those people who have decided to use it as the main channel for their communications with family and friends and, therefore, they may find themselves in difficulty. The reasons why WhatsApp may not work are many, starting from the not improbable moments of down servers. Always keep a viable highly recommended alternative, see Telegram or Viber.

But sometimes, however, the bad functioning of Whatsapp could depend on individual problems such as the change of phone number or SIM or the lack of a valid data connection or problems with Wi-Fi. There are also some devices like the moved ones from the Nokia S40 interface that they can't manage the application better and that in some countries they don't even work completely. The solutions to the various operating problems of Whatsapp are usually very easy to understand and perform as no specific preparation or information is required. After the continuation we can go to create a series of cases with lots of ready-made resolutions to bring everything back to normal.

WhatsApp doesn't work well for Wi-Fi issues

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<p>Sometimes Whatsapp no ​​longer works with Wi-fi or <strong>because of the connection</strong> and we can't use it. The most common problem that the phone most likely fails to be connected to the internet. In these cases, it is good practice to first check that the 4G and Wi-Fi data connection is active. A very simple verification would be to try ad <strong>start a web page</strong> and see if it opens or check that the signal strength is good. If that still doesn't work then try turning off the phone and restarting it. If after all there still Whatsapp does not work then try to uninstall and reinstall the application and in the last resort you can try to contact <strong>support service</strong>. Sometimes it can happen to disable the connections by mistake or by carelessness.</p>
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<p>If you happen that WhatsApp does not send a message to your contact, once again the problem that occurs in most cases concerns the data connection. If for you have verified that this is abundant and that your phone can open the web pages smoothly then the reasons can be the following. It could be that it was not done correctly first <strong>the verification procedure of the telephone number</strong> or that the contact number to which we want to send an incorrectly entered message. Such a problem can also occur <strong>when changing SIM card</strong> as we need to associate the new telephone number again. If you are using a Nokia S40 series phone then you know that in some countries this device has problems with the application management.</p>
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You are chatting with your friend when you suddenly see something that does not convince you, the times of the consignments are incorrect and refer to a time different from the current one. The problem is almost always the time zone setting and to set it correctly you have to go to the device settings and manually correct the date, time and time zone. Once the time of the device is the right one based on the geographical location, the information of the time of the consignments will be automatically corrected.

Problems with the WhatsApp microphone

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<p>Some Whatsapp users who use iOS devices have noticed that after the latest iOS updates <strong>the microphone to send voice messages</strong> with this application it did not work properly. In this situation, the only thing to do is to go to the Microphone section of the phone settings, from here you simply need to <strong>enable the microphone for Whatsapp</strong> with the appropriate selection switch and you're done.</p>
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