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From old to new

enero 20, 2020

From old to new – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It's called "The Great Macintosh Computer Upgrade of 2000" and we certainly recommend it to all our readers, it is a guide to third-party products, if not totally exhaustive (in fact it is explicitly dedicated to the audio sector), but at least organically complete in the This useful guide covers all hardware aspects that could leave Mac users unsettled due to their disappearance (more or less suddenly) from newer Macs, such as floppy discs, ADB ports, serial ports, the SCSI but also offer further solutions for MIDI, the second monitor, PCI cards and more.

This guide (borrowed from Apple to Recording Magazine) useful for all those who need to maintain compatibility with software that uses dated protection systems (such as the USB dongle or diskettes present in the drive), but also for those who use systems that connect via serial, such as MIDI devices, those who use extended keyboards other than Apple and generically those who are thinking of updating to new Macs.

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