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Edge for macOS: after 17 years a Microsoft browser returns to Mac

enero 20, 2020

By Giacomo Martiradonna Thursday 16 January 2020

16 years after Safari supplanted Internet Explorer from the Mac, a Microsoft browser returns to the Apple platform. And you can download it right away.

Update: After almost a year of release Canary, Dev is Beta, the Microsoft Edge browser for Mac now in its first stable version. Features include access to the Microsoft Addons store, tracking prevention, native Bing support for online searches, and an "Internet Explorer" mode for properly displaying old web pages. It is based on the Google Chromium Open Source engine, available for Mac, Windows, iOS and – sorry for the brazenness – nobody felt the need.

The Evolution of Beta

During the "Build" conference dedicated to its developers, Microsoft officially presented a version of Edge compatible with Mac. But practically old stuff with a new look.

Microsoft makes fun of iPad:

Microsoft makes fun of iPad: "To dream big you need a real PC"

Can an iPad replace a PC? Microsoft answers the question with a fun Christmas commercial-musical.

Edge has changed the foundation: the web page rendering engine is now based on the Open Source Chromium project, the same as Google Chrome, which in turn has a distant relationship with Safari. It will be for what the new Edge for Mac it looks so much like Google Chrome for Mac.

The final version for Windows was released last month, but now the variant for the rest of us also arrives.

This is not a great release, but rather a little thing among friends, a little quirky. By clicking here (direct download) you can in fact download Edge for macOS in the Canary version (Canary stands for: "it should be the definitive version, but since we are afraid of making a mess, we first launch a semi-definitive version that if they don't happen, casini will become the final official version. ").

It was since 2003 that we had not seen a Microsoft browser on apple computers; with the arrival of Safari on Mac OS X Panther, in fact, that Internet Explorer that had been the default browser on Mac since 1998, has been officially retired. At the time, Explorer was the Internet's reference browser, the only one that guaranteed compatibility with most sites; but now – and luckily – things are quite different. You saying, will you install Edge to give it a chance? To the reader the last word.

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