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Best watch faces for Android Wear 2

enero 20, 2020

Best Dials for Android Wear 2 | Best Software Best watch faces for Android Wear 2Best watch faces for Android Wear 2 Have you just updated your Smartwatch to Android Wear 2.0? Perfect, but know that now you can also change the dial up … Best watch faces for Android Wear 2

You have just updated your Smartwatch ad Android Wear 2.0? Perfect, but know that now you can also change the dial down to the last detail: customize your product almost a must nowadays! That's why we list the best 10 right apps to do it and the best watch faces for android wear:

Black Metal HDIf you like to give a serious look to your Smartwatch, this is definitely one of the most ideal. Black Metal a dial that all in the title: black, metallic and in high resolution. It is also customizable, with the ability to enter Google Fit details, Weather, battery status and much more. Go slowly, of course, or it will be really difficult to read everything!

facerIf, on the other hand, you are a creative type and you think you can create your watch face, this app will give you all the tools you need to do it. facer it simply gives you a base to start with (of course also giving you instructions for use!) and the rest is all up to you. If this freedom seems too much, don't worry: you can download one of the 10,000 themes available and created by other Facer users. It doesn't shine by inclusion with other services, but definitely one of the best customizable watch faces you can find.
Bubble CloudQuestApp a little bit of everything. A Launcher, a Widget and also a watch face. On the latter form, Bubble Cloud it is presented in a rather original way. This is an App that follows a precise style for everything it has to show, and truly unique: based on various bubbles that are collected on the Display. Bubble Cloud is a good choice if you intend to give an original look to your watch equipped with Android Wear 2.
AccuweatherHaving accurate and reliable weather available has never been easier with Accuweather! QuestApp is popular with many users, but there are those who ignore that this program can currently be included in Android Wear 2e directly as a support for the watch face! Thanks to Accuweather's direct connection, you can consult your immediate weather directly from the Smartwatch. Definitely complete and useful.
Krona SunlightThis dial, on the other hand, is very useful for all those who do physical activity outside for a long time. In its square included the temperature, the direction and strength of the wind, the weather, in short, a bit of everything. Of course, it also shows what time it is! But the amount of detail you can find directly from the dial Krona disarming, so much so that the edge of the clock is also used to show some other information.
Puije BlackKind of like Facer, but with a lot of pre-filled pieces from the house. Puije can be customized in many aspects and also works as a Launcher, allowing you to insert other details right into the home of your Smartwatch. It is therefore an App that covers all your watch and allows you to be reassembled as we please and we like.
Watch FaceIt is even more automated than all the other programs featured here. You can consult a list of 30,000 dials, all different and with personalized styles (Modern, classic, professional, ect). Many of these watch faces also have advanced compatibility with all integrations, such as Google Fit and others. Watch Face is the most comfortable solution that we can choose today: we just have to choose the dial we want and apply it. If we wish, we add the integrations and we're done.
WatchmakerIn direct competition from Facer, WatchMaker allows you to customize a lot of aspects of our watch face starting practically from scratch. A great alternative if you don't like Facer for some reason or are creating problems for some reason.
RichFace dialsCollection of watch faces for android wear
Thema dialsOther collection ofwatch faces for android wear

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