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Best Browsers for Surfing the Internet

enero 20, 2020

Very frequent question by those looking for the best and most efficient way to surf the internet, smoothly and as quickly as possible: what are theBest Browsers for Surfing the Internet?

On this site we have already seen which are the best browsers to surf anonymously, but here we want to understand which browser to surf the Internet. For "best”We mean the one that optimizes our internet connection and allows the fastest loading of web pages.

Until a few months ago there were no doubts: Internet Explorer was perhaps the least performing browser and more and more users had abandoned it to switch to Google Chrome or Firefox. But with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge and it must be said that the performance of this browser is very good.

In summary, here are the best browsers for surfing the Internet:

Although Microsoft Edge has significantly improved over Internet Explorer, it still has something to refine to get to the levels of Google Chrome. One of its "winning" features is the rapidity with which it starts and the speed in loading and viewing the Web pages. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, and integrates very well with components such asFlash Player and the PDF reader. Thanks to the many extensions that can be downloaded from the internet, it is possible to add plugins and new features to the browser.


Firefox it was the first browser that "opposed" to Internet Explorer and over time it has become even better than it. It is a browser source and one of the advantages that it has manyinstallable extensions, useful to customize the browser to the maximum, according to your needs. Excellent speed for starting and loading web pages.



Filnalmente Microsoft with Windows 10 has released what the best browser they developed to surf the Internet. Previously known and developed as Project Sparta,the browser has a completely new look and makes the user get better from the features that have been incorporated. In addition to the new features, the user will also be able to reproduce videos and other multimedia files through this browser.Microsoft Edge it also integrates perfectly with the new features included in Windows 10, such as Cortana, an "annotation" function on web pages, the ability to disable the flash player, etc.

Compared to Internet Explorer it is also much faster and more performing.

4. Other browsers

Among the other browsers, one step behind the 3 described above, we mention OPERA, SAFARI (default browser for Mac computers), RockMelt, Torch, etc …

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