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Best Antivirus for iPhone

enero 20, 2020

After analyzing what we believe to be i best antivirus for android, we can't help trying to list those who are i best antivirus for iPhone (and also for iPad). According to many, antivirus for iOS devices are not essential in recent times even this operating system is presenting vulnerabilities and therefore not free from virus attacks of all kinds (adware, malware, trojans, etc …). Before seeing what i am best antivirus for iPhone good to "secure" your IOS device through small and simple tricks. Here are the main ones to be adopted to have an iPhone already protected from any viruses or external threats:

1. Remove the Jailbreak: if you have previously jailbreacked your iphone and now you suspect the presence of viruses, the first thing to do is to remove it. Like? There are two ways: the first is to connect the iPhone to the computer and run arestore in DFU mode through iTunes;the second way instead is to install the tweakCydia Impactorwhich eliminates the jailbreak and restores iOS to the factory state

2. Reset iPhone to factory conditions: another solution (more drastic) to be adopted when the presence of a virus is feared, that of restoring to factory conditions (it can be done easily and quickly by accessing the Settings of the iphone itself)

3. iOS update: as it happens for computers, also for smartphones it is important to update the operating system (and the various apps) to avoid the virus attack. In the case of iPhone and iPad you can check for updates (and proceed with their installation) by accessing Settings> General> Software Update.

Having said that we can now proceed with the list of the best antivirus for iPhone and iPad.

Best Antivirus for iPhone

# 1. McAfee Mobile Security for iOS

McAfee Mobile Security for iOS devices, in addition to scanning memory for malicious files, also offers other interesting features such as data backup, phone encryption and blocking access to various apps via PIN code. Thanks to it you can keep under control any apped avoid installing potentially harmful apps.

#2.Personal Lookout for iOS

Also this app offers several security features that allow you to protect the data on your iPhone / iPad and to check the functioning of the various apps in order to avoid that any of them are harmful. With Personal Lookout you can therefore secure your personal data and avoid theft of it. It also allows you to monitor the location of your device if it is lost or stolen.

# 3.Norton Mobile Security

The brand "Norton”Can not miss even in the list of the best antivirus for iPhone. And in fact, thanks to Norton Mobile Security you can have your data protection on your iPhone, protection from phishing and a scanning function in search of any malware.

# 4.Avast

Avast is said by many to be one of the best antivirus for PC. But today also available an iOS version of Avast that is not bad. With this app you can protect the data on your device, encrypt internet traffic, activate VPN connection for greater security especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi, and much more.


# 5.Find my iPhone

Service "Find My iPhone”A service developed by Apple and offered free to all iPhone and iPad users. Once activated (from the settings of the iOS device) you can have complete control over the device even in the event of theft or loss. In fact, with it you can find your iPhone or iPad if you had lost it or remotely lock it to avoid data theft. Not an antivirus but a powerful protection and location tool for the iOS device.

Find My iPhone

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