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8 useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

enero 20, 2020

Previously, I had written about 10 Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts on online technical tips and today I'm here to write about some more! With the new multiple desktop functionality in Windows 10, keyboard shortcuts are quite useful! Previously, I had never used keyboard shortcuts with any previous version of Windows because clicking was easier for me.

However, with Windows 10, you have to move the mouse a lot to get certain settings and screens. With keyboard shortcuts, you can instantly access features without all mouse movements. Tell us what are the favorite shortcuts for Windows 10 in the comments.

Windows key + X

Again in Windows 8, this keyboard shortcut was very useful because the Start menu was missing. In Windows 10, we have the Start menu, but I still like this shortcut as it can quickly give me access to all the main tools for managing Windows.

These tools include command prompt, elevated command prompt, network connections, task manager, power options, control panel, explorer, search, run, desktop and a couple of administration tools like Computer Management, Disk Management and Device management.

Windows key + W

Windows + W will open the dialog Windows Ink Workspace . With Windows 10 and the plethora of handheld and tablet devices with an operating system, many more people use pens with their Windows 10 devices.

Using this shortcut, you can quickly create a sticky note, open a new sketch or make a sketch. If you have a pen and a tablet device with Windows 10, this will be an excellent shortcut for working.

Windows key + Q / S

You can use either of these two keys to open Cortana and the Windows search box. If you have a microphone connected to your PC, you can press the key combination and start talking in a question. Obviously you have to enable Cortana before the functionality works as described.

Windows key + 1, 2, 3, etc.

A nice new feature in Windows 10 is the ability to run a program on the taskbar by simply pressing the Windows key + a number. For example, here is my taskbar:

If I want to open an instance of Edge, all I have to do is press the Windows key + 2 because Edge is the second icon on the taskbar. If I want to open Explorer, I would simply press the Windows key + 3. Do you get the idea? If the program is already open, simply make the window active.

Windows key + Comma (,)

If you work and have several windows open on the screen, but you want to quickly see what's on the desktop without having to switch to the desktop, press the Windows key + Comma (,). a bit like Aero Peek again in Windows 7; you can practically take a look at the desktop while holding the shortcut key. Once released, you return to the normal screen with all the windows.

Windows key + Period (.)

Right next to the comma is the period on most keyboards. If you use the Windows + key., You get a small dialog with a bunch of emojis! If you click on the emoji, it will be inserted into the currently active program.

I tried this in my browser and several apps and it worked great! You can put them in your online chats, emails, notes, etc.

Windows key + P

Connecting your Windows 10 device to an external monitor or projector? Not a problem. Just press the Windows key + P and all options appear on the right side! You can duplicate the view, extend it or mirror it! Beautiful!

Windows key + PrtScn

Last, but not least, Windows Key + PrtScn (PrintScreen). It will allow us to take a snapshot of whatever is on the screen and automatically insert it into the Photos app.

So those are 8 other more useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate Windows 10 much faster and make it more pleasant to use. To enjoy!