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5 best Photo Scanner applications to revive your old memories

enero 20, 2020

There was a time when people took photos, like real photos. Everyone has an old album full of those photos and we love to be nostalgic for those old memories. However, what if you want to share those old memories with your friends online? chances are you do it by clicking on a photo of the photo and posting it online, but if you did, you agree that it is not the best solution. Well, that's where photo scanner applications come in. Fortunately, there are some good apps available as well here are the 5 best photo scanner apps for Android and iPhone:

1. Google PhotoScan

Google has just released its PhotoScan app and already there best photo scanning app available today. Unlike other photo scanning apps, PhotoScan takes multiple shots of a photo, which entails automatic removal of reflections and improving the quality of the scan. The app automatically detects edges, corrects perspective and brings intelligent rotation. In our tests, the app worked very well and glare removal was the best thing, which was a big deal when taking a photo of a photo. In addition, the app integrates with the brilliant Google Photos app, so you can save your scanned photos to the cloud for free.

Install: Android, iOS (free)

2. Photomyne

Photomyne is not a very popular app, but it is a fantastic application for scanning photos, thanks to its ability to scan multiple photos at once . You can scan multiple photos through your old albums or arrange the photos on a table and scan them with Photomyne. The app automatically detects several photos and saves them in albums. Trust me when I say it works very well. While the app detects photos quite well, somewhat inconsistent when it comes to detecting the edges of the images. Well, you can always fix it manually and you can even improve photos with different filters.

The Android version of the app is free but still in beta. On the other hand, the iOS version of Photomyne includes interesting features like discovery, cloud backup, etc., however, the app is rather limited and you will have to make in-app purchases to unlock the features.

Install: Android (free), iOS (free with in-app purchases)

3. Shoebox

Shoebox of a very popular app when it comes to photo scanning app and rightly so. The app scans photos quite well, thanks to edge detection and perspective correction technology and, like other apps on this list, scans are pretty good. After scanning a photo, you can add details like the location of the photo, tag people, add caption and date . You can save photos in your device's gallery or save them on in the family tree. The app offers unlimited free storage space, so you can save all the photos you want on your family tree in

Install: Android, iOS (free)

4. Pic Scanner

Pic Scanner a fantastic app for scanning photos only for iOS that offers the possibility of scan multiple photos . The app detects, crops and saves individual photos individually. The scans from the app are quite good and you can rotate scans, improve them, cut them, add effects and captions . While all is well, the free version of the app limits the number of saves and shares to 12. To save unlimited scans and export them, you will need to make an in-app purchase for the full version.

There is also a version of Pic Scanner Gold, which offers faster scanning, an excellent photo editor, tons of ways to share photos and more.

Install: iOS (free with in-app purchase of $ 2.99 for full version, Gold version $ 4.99)

5. CamScanner

Chances are you've already heard of CamScanner, which is probably the best document scanner app around and although it may specialize in documents, we found the app to work perfectly when it comes to scanning images. Furthermore, possible play with a variety of editing options to make sure the scanned photo is perfect. CamScanner can also work well in case you want to scan an old document, letter or almost anything else.

Other features of the app include the synchronization on different platforms, optimization of scan quality, saving scans to the cloud and more. The app available in a free version, which should be sufficient for scanning photos. However, there is also a Premium subscription, which offers the possibility to modify the OCR results, more storage and cloud collaborators, etc.

Install: Android, iOS (free with Premium membership starting at $ 4.99 / month)

Get your old photos on your Android or iOS device with these photo scanner apps

These are undoubtedly the best photo scanner apps for Android and iPhone / iPad. While we love what the Google PhotoScan app brings, the other apps on this list are not without flexibility when it comes to scanning older photos. So, try them out and let us know your favorite photo scanner app. Audio muted in the comments section below.

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