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Procreate for iOS, an advanced drawing app

Procreate for iOS the most powerful app to draw, paint and illustrate ever created for a mobile device. Until a few years ago, in order to make digital drawings it was necessary to use a graphics tablet connected to a computer. This solution had the disadvantage of not being portable, as it was always necessary to have two bulky devices, which limited their use in mobility. With the latest generation tablets, we have reached such a computing power that we can integrate powerful drawing tools within a single device.

Procreate for iOSThe latest generation "pens" have done the rest, and those who want to make drawings for passion or for work even when they are not in the office, can do it freely using an iPad andProcreate for iOS, one of the best applications around for drawing and painting, which you can download from the App Store. The professional aspect of this application confirmed by the fact that various graphic designers and designers use it to create sketches or drawings of entire comics.

Procreate for iOS 1The main features of procreatefor iOS there are certainly very high resolution canvases, a huge range of brushes and an elegant and very intuitive design.In the main screen we will find the miniatures of our works. From here you can decide to open an existing job or start a new one, in fact, you can create a new canvas using one of the predefined de-formats, or by customizing a specific width, height and maximum number of levels. In addition, you can import images from the camera roll or from the Cloud, using the document picker introduced in iOS 9. By sliding your finger to the left on a thumbnail of a canvas, you have the possibility to delete the canvas, duplicate it and share it. Scrolling to the right on multiple thumbnails can be deleted or shared in bulk.

Procreate for iOS 2By opening a canvas it will be possible to choose from as many as 128 brushes, each of which can be further customized in terms of stroke, shape, grain and dynamics down to the smallest details. Among the brushes available in Procreate for iOS, you can choose the one with ink, paint, charcoal or spray paint effect. The ability to draw on multiple levels, allows you to sketch a design and then leave it as a background and go over the line more safely, or to divide the design into smaller parts. simple to draw. These are just two of the possible uses of this function. Pressing with two fingers on the canvas eliminates the last action, while zigzagging with three fingers cancels the entire level.

Procreate for iOS 3 You can select the design to be able to move, rotate, shrink and invert along the two axes. Through a regulator you can adjust the level of opacity, blur, sharpness and many other parameters. You can also export the video of your work and share it via email, messages and other messaging apps, save them on the cloud and share them on Facebook.

Procreate for iOS 4The potential of procreatefor iOS increase if you use the Apple Pencil with 9.7 ? and 12.9 ? iPad Pro. Using this powerful tool you can get precise strokes, with the possibility of creating real paintings thanks to the high fidelity of the brushes made available by the app. procreate available on App Store at the price of 10.99. What do you think of this application? let us know in the comments.