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"Official" digital bootlegs: Pearl Jam imitate Elio and Storie Tese

enero 19, 2020

After Elio e le Storie Tese, recently arrived with some discs on the iTunes Music Store, Pearl Jam also sell official bootlegs (a contradiction of terms) of the concerts without impediments to the use of the digital file.

In addition to eleven records currently on sale on the iTunes Music Store (seven on the Italian one), the group that takes its name from the peyote jam made by the grandmother (of singer Eddie Vedder) Pearl, has announced that following the North American live of the next season, put on sale the recordings of the concerts including some photos of the event.

It begins on September 1st a few hours after the George concert in Washington state ends, mixed in real time on stage by Basecamp Productions and coded at 192K, each bootleg will cost $ 10. Basecamp Productions uses proprietary software.

Unlike the songs purchased from iTMS these "digital bootlegs" audio files will not incorporate any DRM – Digital Right Management system, which for iTunes means FairPlay, can therefore be used freely: infinite burns, transfer to MP3 or iPod players but also simply listened to on the computer .

The manager of the band also launches a veiled criticism of the dominant theme of the impossibility of using players other than the iPod with music bought on iTunes: “we want to make life easy for fans who download our music live, without worrying about the type of player music they want to use. "

The official bootlegs actually Pearl Jam have been publishing them since 2000 on CD and three million copies have been sold so far, the natural evolution the MP3 version to buy online.