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iMessage lands on Android (but it won't last long)

enero 19, 2020

The app uses brokerage from a Mac computer to sort incoming and outgoing messages from the user's account, but Apple won't take long to block everything

(Photo: Communitext)

Over the years, many have tried to bring the messaging platform iMessage on board Android phones, but no app lasted very long. Apple seems to be all too jealous of its creature, and now that the messaging system can also exchange money, the controls of the Cupertino house are destined to become even more harsh. in this peaceful scenario that the Texan Communitext has announced the arrival of weMessage, a free app available on Play Storeche is defined "IMessage for Android".

The description somewhat fits: the app actually allows you to use the Apple messaging platform on phones with the Vedre robot operating system, even if it does so by using a trick. To view the messages received in fact you still need to put a Mac in the way, on which another piece of app must be installed: he who actually receives the messages from the cloud infrastructure of the bitten apple, and then forwards them to his Android phone. Conversely, when a message starts from the smartphone, Google first goes to the Mac, which makes it bounce on the Apple servers from which it then leaves for the recipient. All the journey made by messages outside of iMessage should be protected with AES encryption, but those who particularly care about privacy should probably avoid complicating the path of their missions in this way.

There are many ways in which things for weMessage can end badly as happened to other solutions: Apple, despite the app developers declare otherwise, could have the software removed from its Store or make it stop working with tiny changes to its platform.In the meantime, however things go, Android and iOS users together wait for the Cupertino house to develop an official app for the Google operating system: it was talked about in the form of rumors in 2016, but then nothing was known. It would be now.


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