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Oculus Go, Facebook's cheapest VR headset, drops in price

enero 18, 2020

Facebook's already inexpensive VR viewer will soon cost even less. The company has in fact announced that the price of Oculus Go, from 199 euros will be raised to 149 euros indefinitely. Not an offer, therefore, but a real cut in the price of the price tag for what is currently one of the cheapest ways to get involved in virtual reality content.

Specifically, the model with 32 GB of memory, currently sold for 199 euros, as we said 149 euros, while the 64 GB version will go from 269 euros to 199 euros. The price cut of Oculus Go will occur in all the countries where it is currently on sale, therefore the discount should soon be applied also on Amazon and in all the other Italian stores where it is already possible to buy it.

Oculus Go, Facebook's cheapest VR headset, drops in price

Oculus Go, as we said, offers a basic VR experience. In fact, it limits itself to tracing only the movements of the head instead of those of the body, as happens with Oculus Quest. It also controls with a single remote control instead of two and uses the old Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the l835 used by the Quest.

With an Oculus Go price of 149 euros, however, these limits may not be so important. Oculus Go can in fact be an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy static VR content, such as films at three hundred and sixty degrees. This viewer is already compatible with Netflix and several other streaming services, making it an excellent choice for those who want to watch movies and TV shows by simulating the cinema effect of the big screen without installing a real one.

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