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iTunes, podcast support soon, Jobs said

enero 18, 2020

ITunes version 4.9 will be a Podcasting tool. This was revealed by Steve Jobs himself during the D: All Thing Digital conference, an event held in San Diego, organized by the Wall Street Journal.

The update, 'expected within 60 days,' said Jobs, will be able to manage and play podcasts and even distribute them via the iTunes Music Store. To this end, Apple will set up a section of the shop dedicated to this particular type of audio service that is catching on thanks to the digital music players. Anyone, Jobs explained, will be able to present his recordings, whether they are of an informative, journalistic, cultural, musical or entertainment nature, at the judgment of Apple who, if he judges them interesting and adequate, will present them in his podcast section.

During the meeting, Jobs also addressed other particularly topical issues, including the phone with iTunes and the prospects for digital music in combination with this media. The CEO of Apple indirectly confirmed that some difficulties have not been missed and are not missing as always' when it comes to agreeing different entities in the form of partnerships. Jobs then literally broke the perspective of those who believe that the future of digital music and in the download via mobile phone. ‘This is a horrible shopping experience, as well as two or three times more expensive than iTunes. It is really difficult to believe that phone carriers can consider their customers so stupid "

As for competition with other online music stores and Yahoo in particular, Jobs has shown himself to be optimistic by claiming that there is no possibility that the costs of the Internet giant's shop can remain so low. 'They are very markedly below cost,' said Jobs -; at Apple we have set up a bet on when they will be raised. I wagered my money over a five-month time frame "

Jobs probably also missed some clues about the future of the iTunes Music Store as a tool for selling not only music but also videos. When asked about this, Jobs did not want to answer by throwing a sentence for someone at the meeting for a half-admission: "I'll leave the answer to this question as to what we will do in the future".

Finally, there was not even a curtain between Jobs and Bill Gates, sitting in the audience and waiting to speak to the audience too. The Apple CEO did a kind of census, asking those present to raise a hand if he owned an iPod. Seeing the founder of Microsoft in the audience, Jobs launched his arrow: "Bill, did you raise your hand?"

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