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iPhone: doomsday is coming. Beware of September 28th!

You called your American puppy on Long Island and begged him to take the train to Penn Station and head immediately to the Apple Store in Soho or that of Fifth Street to retrieve one of the last iPhones on sale with software version 1.0.2?

And if you already have an iPhone with your iMac G4, how can you carry your bags at the airport? Have you disconnected it from the power, from the network, deactivated wi-fi, bluetooth and closed it in the cellar away from strange iTunes updates that could irreparably compromise the functionality of the iPhone software?

Did you remember to leave your iPhone at home if you are about to go on a plane trip to prevent the unlocked phone from exploding in flight following what is now called the "Schiller curse"?

You are ready to bid farewell to the many native applications installed, almost all of dubious usefulness such as the "sparamaiali with self-propelled spaceship by accelerometer", the "pedometer for beginners", the hacks to replace the battery icon with the more expressive one sponsored by Duracell ? To greet with a tear the customization with the "Matrix" style that makes the application icons unrecognizable?

This is the last day that you will spend in the company of the lit and consoling screen of the iPhone that you have unlocked with passion resisting the advantages of Supersim, Double SIM, TurboSim and the enticements of the Ebay scammers to dive into the dangerous GeoHack or in the simplest software unlock .

Goodbye to chats with Apollo that remedied the lack of iChat on the phone, goodbye to the magic of SendSong that allowed to have free ringtones and from any music track of your hard disk.

If you are about to give in to the problems of the upgrade, prepare yourself for the idea of ??having thrown 400 or 600 dollars from the window, perhaps for the anxiety of using iTunes wi-fi to buy the latest success of Mino Reitano while you are at the restaurant equipped with a router unknowingly open or for not resisting the temptation to have a predictive dictionary finally in Italian instead of the cursed one in English that anticipates boos for flasks.

You are still in time to repent, to return the iPhone to the initial state of ignorance, to sign a contract with AT&T of $ 750 per year and to use European roaming with calls from 15 euros each. Think about it! [By iPhone Addicted]