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How to enable the Push To Talk function in Discord

enero 18, 2020

Discord a relatively new VoIP service for gamers, such as TeamSpeak, introduced a couple of years ago. It is currently growing rapidly to be the most sought after service that people use to communicate with others during their gaming sessions. First of all, you must have a good headset for uninterrupted voice communications. However, if you have a mediocre headphone picking up background noise or if you are using the internal microphone on your computer or laptop, other people in your voice chat will be irritated by all the background noise and echoes that your microphone creates. So if you are one of the people who causes these problems and also affects the gameplay of others, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the "Push to Talk" feature available in Discord. Well, if you have no idea how to turn it on, let's take a look at how to enable push to talk in Discord:

Enable Push to Talk in Discord

First of all, necessary access Discord making use of the browser client or the desktop client available on Windows, macOS and Linux. After successfully logging in, follow the steps below to activate PTT functionality in minutes:

  • In the Discord app, click the a icon gear shape, located next to your name in the lower left corner of the client, to enter the Discord settings .

  • Now, go to Voice section on the Settings page and click on "Press to speak" to turn it on.

Configure Push to Talk in Discord

Well, you managed to enable this elegant feature. However, you will not be able to use it right away, as you have not set a key for the Push to Talk function. Simply follow the steps below to achieve this in the blink of an eye:

  • On the page Discord settings, go to section "Keybinds" and click "Add a key combination" . Well, this can also be done in the vocal section, but here you can add multiple key combinations, which means it is possible add more shortcut keys for Push to Talk functionality, simply by clicking on "Add a key combination" .

  • Now, for Action, select "Push to Talk" from the dropdown menu. Once done, click "Register keybind" is press the key you want to use for the Push to Talk function . Now, click on "Stop recording" to save the key combination.

  • Now, go back to the section "Voice" of Discord Settings. You will notice a slider right below "Push To Talk R elease Delay " . This is essentially the delay that Discord takes to cut the voice signal once the Push to Talk button is released. By default this set to 20 ms, but possible adjust this slider between 0 ms and 2000 ms .

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Ready to try Push to Talk in Discord?

Well, Push to Talk is quite useful, especially if you have a mediocre microphone that is picking up a lot of background noise and echoes. also useful if you're using the internal speaker / microphone combo on your desktop or laptop. Using Push to Talk, you are cutting the voice signal completely until the key is pressed. Users only need to press the button once they want to broadcast something, so the rest of the users in the voice channel won't be affected much by the background noise and scold their microphones.

So, are you ready to experience this beautiful feature that Discord has to offer? After using it, let us know your views on the Push to Talk feature, by posting your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

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