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Google Maps, the lists of places arrive in the desktop version

enero 18, 2020

Lists of places can be created and shared privately or publicly: the desktop version of the option is being released

Lists of places, lists of places everywhere. It seems like a tongue twister, instead the new option of Google Maps, which after making it possible to share your position in real time, brings a novelty to the list of places. started the release of the function that will allow you to share lists of favorite places, complete with name-label, even from desktop.

The creation process, but above all the sharing process, is very similar to that already available in the mobile version of the app, both iOS and Android. You start from a place of interest and then press on the star icon, which stands for "Save": at that point, a drop-down menu will open: the last item "create a list", and from there you start.

The option from the computer should make the compilation of the lists useful, for example, when you want to provide travel directions or visits to someone even more practical than from a smartphone.

To fetch the lists, access, from the main menu at the top left, a "Your places": from there it will be possible to share them on various social networks, or to individual recipients. Lists can be both public and private.


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