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Apple attacking the school

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Apple certainly does not sleep on its laurels, very few in this period. A frenetic activity and probably also a complex restructuring process that has come to fruition perhaps well before the disappointing fiscal results of the past few days, are in fact transforming the face of the management of the Cupertino company. After the retirement for "retirement" by Mitch Mandich, a step that according to someone it was dictated by the bad sales results of the past months, and after the establishment of a task force in the old continent for the promotion of Apple products, yesterday the news of the recruitment of Cheryl Vedoe as head of the educational sector. For Vedoe, who had previously held positions in this area in the past at Apple before devoting himself to other activities, an ad hoc office was created, which did not exist until a few days ago: vice president of marketing and solutions for the educational sector. just assume that the news of Mandich's withdrawal and the European task force correlated with the disappointing results of the past fiscal quarter, in this case the link with the equally poor results in the obvious didactic sector. La Vedoe "on the basis of his experience in the teaching and technology sector", as Steve Jobs says, will have to worry about studying strategies to relaunch (or launch on some markets) Apple computers in schools and educational institutions at various levels. Recall that Apple has explicitly charged part of the responsibilities for not being able to meet the forecasts of the quarter due to an unexpected drop in sales in the educational sector. With a product like MacOS X at the door, interesting prospects open for the introduction of Macs in the research and university. Unix has a wide diffusion at all levels in the scientific world and proposing an operating system with the power of X hidden under a friendly interface can have a significant impact and a possibility of growth in the high education market. Level: According to some observers, the proposal in the university field could have greater strength if an expansion strategy (especially with a greater presence of "evangelists" on site) for lower school grades will be supported, one of the markets that the Mac dominated until some time ago.

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