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Radeon, first tests, first surprises

enero 17, 2020

Radeon, first tests, first surprises – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Radeon beats everyone in 3D, but not so easily and for some uses the competition still seems to have cartridges to shoot. This seems to be the conclusions of the first comparisons between the new ATI cards, also distributed in the USA in the non-pre-installed retail version, published by some Mac sites. One of the most interesting tests, because performed by comparing the Radeon with some of the most common cards (Rage 128, standard on all Macs, ProFormance 3 Plus and Voodoo 5500) and on practical tasks, we find it on Bare Feat.The results show that the Radeons win the comparison with the competition in games such as Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament even if the Voodoo can validly keep up. The performance of the Voodoo are particularly significant because they are PCI and non-AGP cards, which means an average of frames that drops by 10/15% only because of the different type of bus. In addition to this, the Voodoos show that they can keep up even when functions not present in the Radeons are activated, such as anti-aliasing which greatly improves the graphic aspect of the scenes. In last place, needless to say, we find the ATI Rage 128, 20% slower when it comes to modest resolutions but also 50% less rapid when it comes to high resolutions like those possible on most monitors on the market. the comparison shifts to professional 3D applications, such as Cinema 4D or Cinebench, the Radeon even earlier, but surprisingly, the ProFormance 3 Plus is placed behind it. Equally surprisingly, the Radeon and Rage 128 rank almost equal when it comes to reproducing a preview in QuickTime using LightWave. Finally in 2D, a very common area of ​​use for those who use PhotoShop and office or business programs such as Quark and Word, ProFormance still wins and in second place we find the much mistreated Ati Rage 128. In conclusion it seems to be able to say that if the main purpose for which you buy the card play at maximum speed there is no doubt that a Radeon at the moment unbeatable even if someone, preferring the image quality and giving up some frames, could choose the Voodoo (which costs more). For all the other applications and having to choose between the various boards on the market, a thought could be made to ProFormance which in 2D has almost no rivals. But even if you are not looking for exasperated performances here, it is better to stay with the old (and free because they are pre-installed) Rage 128.

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