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MacWorld Expo, the countdown starts

enero 17, 2020

MacWorld Expo, the countdown starts – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The countdown has started for the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. The site of the Pacific exhibition, scheduled from 9 to 12 January, has been recently updated with all the necessary information for visitors and exhibitors. Those who want to access the exhibition hall without attending any of the collateral meetings and seminars, can do so by registering on the site by December 11 and paying only $ 10. With early registration you also get a free six-month subscription to MacWorld USA. After December 11, the cost of registration rises to $ 25. Who, in addition to the stands, also wants to access the room to listen to Steve Jobs's keynote (the confirmation that he will keep it coming today) pagher 195 $ before December 11th (and will also have the opportunity to participate in: Pre-Conference Workshop, Macworld / Users Conference Sessions, MacBeginnings Sessions). After December 11, the cost rises to $ 245. There are also a whole series of other tickets at differentiated costs that go up to over 1000 dollars. The keynote scheduled for January 9 at 9 am. Jobs will then officially open the event. Two other keynotes were also announced on January 10 and January 11. The first will be by Kevin Browne, General Manager of Microsoft's Macintosh unit, the second by Kevin Burgess, CEO of Macromedia. According to some information released yesterday by the Expo press office, it is very likely that the Expo of San Francisco marks a new attendance record that last year was 85,000 Macity and MacProf, as always, will be present with some of their journalists to cover in the most appropriate way every aspect of the event that promises to be of particular importance in view of a relaunch of the platform with new hardware and software.

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