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How to install Android 4.3 Google Edition on Samsung Galaxy S4

enero 17, 2020

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<p>As is known, the smartphone manufacturers that install <strong>Android</strong> on their devices, they tend to customize the graphical interface by adding proprietary (and sometimes even superfluous) applications that the user is obliged to keep because they cannot be uninstalled. In this article I want to show you how to install <strong>Android 4.3</strong> <strong>Google Edition</strong> on smartphones <strong>Samsung Galaxy S4</strong>.</p><div class=

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<p>The Google Edition versions of the Android operating system are managed directly by Google, so you can use the Galaxy S4 with the Android operating system as it was designed by Google, therefore without the Samsung TouchWiz interface which can cause slowdown of the device. This version of Android perfectly compatible with the <strong>Samsung GalaxyS4</strong>, as it was extracted from the version <strong>Google Edition of Samsung</strong> which, unfortunately, is sold only in America. Let's see how.</p>
<p><strong>NOTE 1:</strong> we recommend that you make a backup copy of your system. Following this guide all data will be deleted from the device.<strong>NOTE 2:</strong>this procedure compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505.</p>
<li>The first step is to get the root permissions of the Samsung Galaxy S4. To do this, I refer you to reading our article)</li>
<li>Then you need to install a modified recovery that allows the installation of ROMs not officially released by Samsung. The best the <strong>ClockWordMod</strong>, very easy to install by following this guide</li>
<li>Download the Android 4.3 Google Edition operating system via this link</li>
<li>At the end of the download move the zip file of the operating system to a microSD card to be inserted later in the Galaxy S4</li>
<li>Now turn off the device and start it by holding down the keys <strong>Volume Up</strong> + <strong>Home</strong> + <strong>Power</strong>. In this way you will enter Recovery Mode.</li>
<li>Select the option <strong>Wipe / Factory reset</strong>. In this way you will reset the device, so as not to create problems with the installation of the new version of Android</li>
<li>At the end of the reset select <strong>install zip from sdcard</strong>, search and select the zip archive containing the previously downloaded operating system.</li>
<p>Wait for the installation to complete which may take a few minutes. After completing the entire procedure, restart the <strong>Samsung Galaxy S4</strong> and start using the device with<strong>Android 4.3 Google Edition</strong>.</p><p>If you want to return to the official firmware released by Samsung, you can follow the guide at this link.</p>