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Delete Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter and all accounts

enero 17, 2020

Guide to permanently delete the account from: Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Linkedin and all the sites

Delete profile Many famous sites hide the links to delete the account we have used so far in a rather annoying way, so as to avoid the escape of users (according to their intentions). In fact, some users may find it difficult to cancel an account from sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, Linkedin, Telegram, Whatsapp or other apps and sites. If we want to delete our social profile or a secondary profile that we no longer use, in this guide we will show you all the steps to be taken to delete the profile on the most famous sites (among which Facebook, Google and Microsoft certainly stand out). At the end of the guide we will also show you the sites that collect the links to delete an account from all the most used sites, so that you do not have to go crazy among the thousand menus and hidden items, immediately arriving at the screen you need to delete the account.

Article Index

1) Yahoo services

If we want to unsubscribe from Yahoo we can follow two paths: – the first abandon it and no longer log in for 4 months, so as to become an inactive account, which will be deleted after a short time. – To unsubscribe immediately from all Yahoo services, including Flickr, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Answers, precede the login with password and login on the Account Termination page, then just click on Continue with deleting my account to make the cancellation effective.

2) Google Accounts, Gmail and related services

With Google it is very easy to unsubscribe from all services by deleting the entire profile or choosing to give up only from some services such as Gmail. First we log in to Google, click on the "Login" button at the top and enter the credentials. After logging in, let's go to the services cancellation page, choose whether to delete a Google service or the entire account with the dedicated buttons Delete a service or Delete your account.

3) Facebook

Facebook was for a long time a social network from which it was almost impossible to unsubscribe and delete all your data permanently. Today, the option always provided to disable the account, without canceling it, has also been added to the possibility of permanently deleting all data and the whole profile even if, admittedly, it is really difficult. Deactivating the account means that, you will no longer be able to access Facebook but information regarding your friends, photos, personal data sheet, written information and all content posted will remain visible on the internet and can also be searched by Google. Certainly deactivating the account much easier than deleting it, which instead involves the complete cancellation of all the saved data and the disappearance from the Facebook world.To deactivate the account, we access the cancellation page of the Facebook page with the credentials of our account to be deactivated, click on View next to the entry Delete your account and your information and in the next window, we click Delete the account.

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4) Microsoft services

The Microsoft account includes all web applications and online services produced by Microsoft, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Windows accounts and Xbox Live accounts. Like Yahoo, Microsoft users also expire after a certain period of inactivity. To be precise, after 30 days the account becomes inactive, after 90 days it is definitively canceled. To delete the account and the various Microsoft services, go to the Microsoft account cancellation page, download all the data that we intend to save after closing the account and click Come on, choose the reason why you want to close the account and we click Mark the account to close.


To unsubscribe from, the hateful social network used by bullies for cyberbullying, I wrote a specific guide.

6) Twitter

Delete a rather simple Twitter account: we open the Twitter Settings and Privacy page, click on Deactivate your account at the bottom and in the next screen we click Turn off @ (your name). Our Twitter profile will remain suspended for 30 days, after which it will be deleted forever.

7) Instagram

If we want to unsubscribe from Instagram, the social photo, connect to the page dedicated to deletion, log in to the service by typing the username and password of our account, set a reason under the field Why are you deleting your account?, re-enter the password of the Instagram account and finally press the button Delete my account.

Compared to other social networks, immediate deletion and without the possibility of recovery: all photos, likes and all data generated with our account will be deleted.

8) Telegram

Do we no longer want to use Telegram on our smartphone or PC? To cancel the account, open the cancellation page, type in the phone number used for the account, write a valid reason and click Done to cancel the account.

If we want the account to self-destruct after a certain period of inactivity, we open the app, go to Settings -> Privay and security, then click on Delete my account and we indicate the period of distance in the field If far for.

9) WhatsApp

We no longer want to use WhatsApp to the point of wanting to completely delete the account? To do this we open the menu Settings > Account > Delete account, enter the phone number in the full international format and tap on Delete account. In the new screen we choose why we want to delete the account and select the item again Delete account.

10) Linkedin

To unsubscribe from Linkedin, click on the icon above "You" to open Settings and privacy from the profile. Click on Account and then go to the section Account management to press on Closure of the LinkedIn account To delete the profile you need to give a reason and then type in the password.

How to delete profile from other services

If we also want to delete the accounts registered on the various sites, we can also use the services offered by the Account Killer and Just Delete Me sites.Cancel account

These sites collect links for the cancellation of the accounts of numerous online services, just search in the search bar provided and click on the link associated with the service. For each site it also shows the level of difficulty with which it is possible to carry out the cancellation process : based on the color we can therefore know in advance when time we will have to lose how many steps we will have to carry out in order to delete our account.We remind you that some sites make it very difficult if not impossible to cancel an account: in these cases we simply abandon its use or contact assistance to ask for clarification on account cancellation.

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