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Best board games for Android and iPhone to play together

enero 17, 2020

15 free, classic and new board games to play with other people on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet, iPhone and iPad

board games on smartphones Table games, those that are played in a seated companion and usually based on a central game board and dice rolls, can now also be played using a smartphone or tablet (certainly better in some cases). The best thing that these table games for Android smartphones and tablets and also for iPhone and iPad can be played at any time, for free, without carrying boxes around, simply by downloading them from the Store. Below, therefore, we discover i best board and party games on smartphones and tablets, Android or iOS, including the classic ones that everyone knows and other new and original ones, to be played with friends together on the same screen or using two connected devices. READ ALSO: Games to be played together on the same screen

1) Parchisi STAR Online (Android and iPhone) practically the game of Tavoliere o Ludo (see Wikipedia for the rules), for 2 or 3 or 4 players. Roll the dice to move 4 chips on the board, you can play as a team or alone, and you have to move the pawn starting from the corner through the its respective paths. Given that each player has four pieces, the first to make them reach the central space the winner. During the game, to further increase the energy levels, there is a magic chest that allows you to win up to 50k of gold. To make it more fun, you can send messages or emojis to other teams.

1 BIS) Other games Ludo with dice are also Ludo King (Android and iPhone, ideal for online multiplayer mode and Ludo Club (Android and iPhone)

2) Backgammon (Android and iPhone) can be played on a smartphone or tablet in different versions. In Backgammmon it is played in two that pull data in turn to move the pieces through a triangular path. You can play against another player on the same screen or against the computer.

3) Lady (Android and iPhone) the best known strategy game in the world, with two players who have to move the pawns forward diagonally, eating those of the other according to the free spaces they leave, diagonally. Who eats all the pieces of the opponent wins the game. There are various versions of Checkers, including the base game with an 8 * 8 board with black and white pieces and 2D and 3D views.

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4) Domino (Android and iPhone) the famous strategy game where you have to match the various numbered tiles on the board, matching the numbers.If you don't find a number to match, then the tile is kept by the player and becomes a negative point. more weave in hand, he lost.

5) Battleship (Fleet Battle) (Android and iPhone) one of the most played games in the world because it can also be done with a pencil and a piece of paper, ideal at school and at any time to pass time. The aim is to sink the opponent's ships, pecking and guessing the coordinates (hidden) in a larger or smaller grid.In this game, with beautiful 3D graphics, you can win games against the computer to earn points, ships and leaderboards or play with a friend. Sea Battle 2 (Android and iPhone)

6) Carrom (Android and iPhone) an Indian board game (see Wikipedia), with a game board, coins to move and holes in the corners. On smartphone and tablet the 3D game, very nice to see and play with a friend or against the computer .

7) Risk (Android and iPhone) the most famous strategic war game in the world, where you can move tanks and pull data to conquer the countries occupied by other players until the global conquest. On smartphones and tablets you can play together with friends or against the computer. Hasbro's official Risk Global Domination game, for copyright reasons, not available in Italy, but the Android version can still be downloaded from the APKPure website.

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8) Pandemic (Android and iPhone) a board game with cards for one or two people, where an epidemic must be stopped before it is too tarsi.

9) fillet steak (Il Mulino) (Android and iPhone) another board game also well known in Italy, with a board and pawns to move. You can play against the computer or against other players in multiplayer mode.

10) Guess who (Android and iPhone), the famous game where you have to ask for clues to find the hidden character from the opponent, you can play in two, one against the other, as in the real board game.

11) The game of the goose (Android and iPhone), the most classic of the board games with dice where whoever reaches the end of the game board wins, available on smartphones and tablets in a special version full of fun unexpected events, for adults and children.

12) Monopoli (Rento) (Android and iPhone) an unofficial but very similar version of the famous board game where you can buy houses and hotels and try to earn as much money as possible from your opponents.

13) Force Four (Android and iPhone) the classic board game where you can match 4 disks of the same color, trying to block the opponent's combinations.

14) Tic Tac Toe (Tris) (Android and iPhone) a great success between the games in the Google Play and iTunes stores, to play Tris against the computer or against a friend.

15) Hangman (Android and iPhone) the game where to guess the word before the hanged person is complete, suitable for everyone, perfect to play with family and children. This is one of the best word games for iPhone and Android.

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