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Apple replies on demand

enero 17, 2020

Apple, on demand, answers – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The Cube and its perspectives, MacOs X and the printing market, the future of iMac and Pro machines, the Mac and the school … How many questions and how many doubts are stirring in the mind of users of the Italian Apple and how many answers that do not arrive. Macity and MacProf, once again, offer you the opportunity to address them to the right people, or to the Apple Italy team which, as in the past years, lends itself to being scrutinized and satisfying all your doubts. they will collect your messages by e-mail and send them to the Apple managers in our country. The questions can be general but also particular, or rather addressed to specific questions. Obviously, please do not submit technical questions or personal cases because our interlocutors would not be able to answer them.To know how to participate in this initiative, you can visit this MacProf page that we have specially set up. And hurry. There is not much time …

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