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Android Excellence, the selection of the best Google smartphone apps, is enhanced

enero 17, 2020

Compiled by a team inside Google, the list includes software and games made to perfection, which are worth a look

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

After the inauguration of a few months ago the Android Excellence program is also updated for this autumn, the selection of apps and games made by hand by some members of the Google team to suggest users of their operating system the best of the best to install on their smartphone. The initiative was born in June by presenting 30 software to the public inside the Play Store, while for the coming season the Mountain View house adds another 25.

The apps presented they are not unpublished or necessarily fresh. Some, like Asphalt 8, are real institutions that veterans of Android and its digital store will not be able to miss; others, though boasting a large and loyal community of fans, may never have broken through the general public. In any case, these are apps and games chosen by hand and without the aid of automated algorithms, advising which the Google team convinced to be on the safe side and enrich the experience of its operating system

Bring! for example an app that helps you to compile the shopping list quickly and easily with the help of practical on-screen keys without having to write anything by hand, and allows you to divide the ingredients into separate lists and share the compilation with others people. Fotor one of the best and most intuitive photo editing apps. The complete list of news available at this address.


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