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Amazon Echo Dot, Flex, Show and others: how to save and receive them before the holidays

enero 17, 2020

If you want to access the world of home automation with voice control, Black Griday and Cyber ​​Monday have presented interesting discounts, combinations and kits to start with even a minimal investment.

Among the discounted products there were also the top version of the Fire TV Stick in 4K version that also allows access to Apple TV +, Netflix and Prime Video and is controlled with Alexa.If you have the old model you can add the remote control with microphone which adds alexa to the Fire TV Stick.

But the discounts have ended and have been a great success for Amazon as many products, if you order them now, are not able to arrive before Christmas.

Currently the discounted products available for fast delivery are:

Which Echo to choose?

We try to understand the practical differences between the various models to choose your first Echo or add one to a configuration already started taking into account the current prices (updated to 3 December 2019).

Your first low-cost Echo: Echo Flex and Echo Dot

If you want to start from scratch with an economic model right now the slightly tangled choice: the model Echo Flex it is destined to become the entry level for the price of the entire range and is proposed to29.99 Euros

No more excuses to avoid Alexa: here are the new Amazon Echo, Echo Flex and Echo Studio with Dolby AtmosWhat are the differences between Echo Flex and Echo Dot?

The first, Echo Flex more compact, it has a USB socket that you can use to charge a mobile phone or other device or it can directly connect a sensor or a position lamp to it while Echo Dot, which shares Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity and a miniJack audio output has a huge advantage over audio: it has more microphones and sounds better!

So the choice between the two starting models must be made on the basis of positioning and audio quality: Echo Flex suitable to be positioned in the kitchen or next to the bed when the audio quality is not important while Echo spot can be positioned anywhere but more cumbersome.

Super Discount on Amazon Echo Dot for today only

One more step: third generation echo

If you want to take a step forward compared to Echo Dot you have the opportunity to purchase the version with Clock and temperature indicator that changes only on this aspect of communication while if you need a small system for listening to music you can go directly to Third generation echo (we have reviewed it on this page) which always has Bluetooth, Wi-fi and audio output with mini Jack. It obviously sounds much better than Echo Dot thanks to regular sound system with Woofer and tweeter. It is sold for 99 Euros including VAT, this too may not arrive for Christmas.Put Alexa at home with Echo devices at a discount starting from just € 19.99

Home automation in more: Echo Plus

The new third generation Echo has practically taken up the audio equipment of Echo Plus but has a small difference: it does not have the Zigbee wireless radio inside which allows direct connection to bulbs, sockets and accessories of Philips Hue (old models only Zigbee) , Ikea, Osram. The Echo Plus model is therefore a next step for those who want to connect many peripherals for home automation going beyond Wi-Fi. We reviewed it on this page together with Echo Dot.

Right now it is offered with a special discount at 119 Euros, just 19 Euros more than the third generation Echo but with a Philips Hue (Zigbee) lamp as a gift, able to connect directly without Hue Bridge. It is expected to arrive by Christmas and therefore an excellent "fallback" compared to the Echo model. You will pay it practically the same amount with the certainty of having the gift on time.

What Amazon Echo and how Alexa works in ItalianRBSH

Home automation, bass and extra power with Dolby Atmos: Echo Studio

If you take Echo Plus with its radio Zigbee and add a larger woofer the tweeter on the front and 3 speakers for the mids you have the large Echo studio that you can also use to give depth and presence to the audio even of a small TV. If you buy two you can combine them and perhaps thanks to Fire Stick TV 4K use it for audio for streaming Prime Video, Netflix and Apple TV + and your favorite music, even Apple TV. We have reviewed it on this page.

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spirit

Home automation is a big screen: Echo Show 10 ″

The 10 ″ Echo Show model is certainly the most complete of the Echo even if it does not reach the power of Echo studio: it works in stereo, has a large screen on which to watch Youtube videos, Netflix, recipes, images and browse the web and you can view the footage of your cameras or incoming calls from Ring or other manufacturers' doorbells. At the moment the price of 218.49 Euros but there are also bundles that reduce the overall cost.

Echo Show Available in Italy: Amazon Alexa responds on the big screen

Small beautiful: Echo Show 5

You can do the same things you do with the 10 ″ model but easier to place since the 5 ″ screen and does NOT have the Zigbee radio and therefore less versatile than the big brother in the direct connections of lamps, sockets and sensors. see the proportions between the 5 ″ and 10 ″ models.

The current cost of Echo Show 5 without bundle of 69.99 Eur with a 22% discount and fast delivery. There are several interesting bundles in which the discount is the one on Amazon's smart device (see list below).

Black Friday: Amazon Echo smart speaker and home automation bundle: what to choose?

Which home automation devices can I connect to Echo?

Echo takes advantage of access to Wi-Fi peripherals by accessing the single lamp, socket, thermostat, etc. account. by switching from the web account of the device itself with the help of a Skill but you can connect peripherals directly via Bluetooth to Echo (see the new Philips Hue with Bluetoot) and in models with Zigbee such as Echo Plus, Echo Studio and Echo Show from 10 ″ you can connect Zigbee peripherals directly like old and new Hue bulbs, IKEA tradfri and OSram Zigbee. So in practice:

WIFI – nnumber greater than 200 peripherals(but it affects the traffic of your router and wi-fi consumes more in stand by). There are thousands of paired devices

Bluetooth– up to 10 Philips Hue peripherals with Bluetooth – does not occupy router slots and consumes less in stand By) – on this page we show you how to connect the new Hue bulbs with Bluetooth to Alexa.– A few dozen paired devices

ZigbeeLarge number of peripherals –it consumes less in stand by, uses the mesh network and does not occupy slots on the Wi-Fi router. – A few hundred matching devices.

Below is a summary of the models available but the updated prices are at the beginning of the article …

Amazon Echo speakers and home automation bundles with Alexa: what to choose?

In summary

For those who want to start with a basic product, we recommend Echo Flexthat can be inserted directly into an outlet, has a microphone, can be connected to a speaker via bluetooth or with a minijack and can also function as a power supply for your mobile phone or equipped via the USB socket.

For those who want a better microphone system and a more versatile speaker, better choose Echo Dot especially at the low price of these days … but beware of delivery dates! Same thing for the model Echo Dot with clock/ temperature: the tempting price but deliveries are likely to slip in February.

A step forward on audio is done with Third generation echo while those who think of a more advanced home automation without weighing on the wi-fi can think of Echo Plus, and / or if you want absolute audio power even to the powerful Echo Studio, perhaps purchased in pairs and connected to Fire TV 4K.

For those who want Zigbee and Video there is an Echo Show from 10 " but the most expensive of the series that allows you to see also the connected cameras. Finally, for those who want to save money and keep the video by giving up the Zigbee there is 5 "Echo Show with a small screen but efficient and convenient to place anywhere.

The offers in kits to save money and receive Echo before Christmas

With the end of Cyber ​​Monday and the great success of the various Echo models Amazon has brought the prices of its smart speakers back to normal levels with discounts, in some cases of 5-10 but there are offers in kits that lower the price of the together also bringing it under the single speaker.

We would like to point out some of them by warning you to always check the actual delivery date of the devices. Amazon warns you if it can't ship it for Christmas!

Offers with Echo Flex

Echo Flex + Philips Hue White LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Offers with Echo Dot

Echo Dot (3rd generation) – Anthracite fabric + Philips Hue White LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Echo Dot (3rd generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa integration – Anthracite fabric + Fitbit Versa 2 Black / Carbon

Offers with Echo (third generation)

Amazon Echo (3rd generation), (RED) Edition + Philips Hue White LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Amazon Echo (3 Jan.), (RED) Edition + Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Offers with Echo Show 5

Echo Show 5 Black + TP-Link HS100 Smart Wi-Fi socket, compatible with Alexa

Echo Show 5 White + TP-Link HS100 Smart Wi-Fi socket, compatible with Alexa

Echo Show 5, Black + Philips Hue White LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Echo Show 5, White + Philips Hue White LED smart bulbs, pack of 2 bulbs, compatible with Bluetooth and Zigbee (no hub required)

Offers with Echo Show and Echo show 5

Echo Show (2nd generation, White) + Echo Show 5 (White) + Philips Hue White bulb

As for the offers indicated above: just a click on the product images to confirm the price on offer. We remind you that you can follow all our offers by visiting the dedicated page or following us with Twitter, Facebook, Telegram (news and offers channel), Telegram (offers channel).

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