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10 best portable games to play for free on USB stick on any PC

enero 17, 2020

10 free games that can be copied to a USB stick to play from any Windows computer without installation

free games for USB sticks Between best ways to use a USB stick there is to put the most useful programs in the portable version, so you can use them on any computer without installations. Wanting possible too fill the USB stick with games, so that you can play even on computers that do not allow you to install programs and for bring your favorite games with you so you can play from any computer you want to use (Windows).

In this article we see then the 10 best portable games that can be played from a USB stick, without installing them, but starting them directly open source gamestherefore completely free, that you just need to download and then start to playIf you copy the file to the USB stick, the game can be started from any computer to which that stick is connected. Most of them only require you to put the Portable Apps program in the USB stick which has a section of portable games already pronti.1) AssaultCube one of the best free shooter games for PC that is also available in a portable version. Cited in an article on the best open source 3D games in the first person, you can download it in a portable version from the Portable Apps site.

2) Sauerbraten (Cube 2) another open source game of the shooter genre, with challenges all against all in the arena, similar to Unreal.

3) Armagetron Portable the portable version of the best game inspired by Tron racing motorcycle clash.The futuristic bikes run straight and draw walls in their trajectories trying to make us go crashing into the opponent.

4) Hedge Wars one of the best turn-based games similar to Worms where you shoot once for one. It is a real open source clone, almost identical to the original game.

5) FreeCiv portable the free clone of one of the most famous video games of all time, Civilization by Syd Meyer.You can therefore play FreeCiv even from a USB stick on any computer without doing any installation.This game has been dedicated an entire article that explains how to play Civilization for free with FreeCiv on PC and online

6) Battle for Wesnoth one of the best turn-based strategy game that you can download and play on PC, with an engaging storyline and fantastic music. An entire article on Navigaweb is also dedicated to this game: Battles and strategy in turn-based game, Battle Of Wesnoth, free for Windows Linux and Mac pc

7) OpenTTD another historical management game that the Transit Tycoon Deluxe clone.In OpenTTD you have to manage the transport in the city and then build the routes for the trains, the roads for the cars, the naval routes and all public transport.OpenTTD one of best simulation and transport management games in town.

8) SuperTuxKart a game similar to Mario Kart where you drive a machine and challenge your opponents even by going over it and throwing them out.You can also play 4 on the same computer.SuperTuxKart one of the best games with machine-destroying races like Mario Kart

9) Card solitaires a collection of over 40 card games to play on the PC.

10) To finish the list, all USB sticks must have theMAME emulator for playing old arcade arcade games.You download the main program and then the ROMs and, without needing to install anything, you can really play many games from this inimitable platform.

In addition you can also use it DoxBox to play old DOS games for PC

If you know other games to be included in this list, let people know in the comments!

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