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Legendary Pokémon arrive on Pokémon Go

enero 16, 2020

The first will appear tomorrow in Grant Park, Chicago. If the coaches present manage to catch him, we will see others in the rest of the world

The rumors circulating among Pokmon Go fans were true: on the most downloaded and used augmented reality app in history the legendary Pokmon are coming. Word of Niantic, who with a trailer and an official communication confirmed the indiscretion by telling in detail what will happen in the next few days within the game world and what must be done to capture the Pokmon areas.

The arrival of the legendary monsters will take place during the Pokmon Go Fest, the sequel of summer events planned by Niantic across the globe that will open its doors tomorrow, July 22nd, at Grant Park in Chicago. Just in this location the coaches present will have the opportunity to capture the first legendary Pokmon ever to appear within the app: first of all by capturing enough monsters to make it appear, and then giving in to the battle and the actual capture. If the Grant Park team succeeds, other legendary Pokmon will begin to appear during subsequent events Pokmon Go Fest; otherwise it is not clear until their appearance is postponed. Fingers crossed then and good luck to the coaches who will be around Chicago tomorrow.


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