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Jackson goodbye?

enero 16, 2020

Jackson goodbye? – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Part of the Microsoft trial could be sent back to the district court for review. Some legal experts say that the most likely decision of the appeals court could be to ask for a review of some of the parties to the proceedings. If so, it would not be the judge Thomas Pendfield Jackson to take hold again the case. Jackson, in fact, was allegedly no longer liked by Microsoft who bases his rejection on statements made to the press by the judge who ordered the dismemberment of the Windows manufacturers. Salacious comments, perhaps too much, and the resolute belief explicitly stated by Jackson, that Bill Gates had violated the law knowing he was doing it by imposing an illegal monopoly on American industry, could be more than enough to accommodate Microsoft's requests. Redmond's lawyers have repeatedly said that on the basis of those statements it is now clear that Jackson will no longer be impartial and therefore cannot preside over the review of the trial. Jackson himself has already told the Financial Times only a few days ago that with each probabilities "will find a way to get rid of me", suggesting that he will no longer manage the next possible review phases. Just the irrepressible desire to speak on Jackson's trial would make Microsoft's removal efforts easier. If it had been isolated incidents, Redmond would have had a much harder life in getting rid of the grim judge. Now many legal experts have doubts that Jackson's talkativeness could damage the case to its foundations. Microsoft could try to demonstrate that the decisions made by the judge were originally affected by a bad predisposition towards Bill Gates' company and therefore unreliable and unfair.

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