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IBM invests in chip manufacturing

enero 16, 2020

IBM invests in chip manufacturing – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

IBM will invest around $ 14 trillion in new semiconductor manufacturing facilities, the announcement that arrived yesterday from Big Blue which said that its efforts will be directed towards the creation of high-tech processors, in particular chips that use the SOI isolation system ( Silicon on Insulator) and are based on copper. The greatest effort ($ 2.5 million) will be implemented to build a plant in New York state. Here an entirely new factory will rise which will employ a thousand people. The plant will be operational from the second half of 2002 and will reach maximum capacity in the first few months of 2003. Upgrades are also planned in the already colossal and very modern factory in Armonk (also in the state of New York) and in the historic one in Burlington ( in Vermont). Expansions of the production lines are also in sight in Yasu, Japan and Corbeil Essones, France. IBM intends to ride on recent forecasts according to which the semiconductor market will continue to grow at least until 2004. Among the projects that will be developed in new factories there are certainly also new processors based on PPC technology that are also used in Apple computers. IBM has explicitly argued that the next chips, whether these are intended for the integrated systems or server and desktop market, will use SOI isolation technology that increases the performance of the chip by lowering the dispersion of the electrical signal.

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