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Here's what the new iPads will look like: thin edges, Face Id and no headphone jack

enero 16, 2020

Among other novelties, the release will occur only vertically and also the magnetic coupling to use the additional keyboard could be positioned accordingly

(Photo: MacOtakara)(Photo: MacOtakara)

The next generation of iPad Pro could be radically different from the previous one: we suspected it since the first rumors emerged on the arrival of Face ID technology on board the gadgets that will be presented later this year, but in these hours a report MacOtakara has basically confirmed this: the abandonment of fingerprint authentication could generate others chain changes able to partially distort a line of tablets that has not seen any new design worthy of note for some time now.

The arrival of Face ID will first lead to one reduction in size of the devices, which will maintain diagonal displays identical to those of the previous models, slimming down to the level of the edges. The current model with 10.5-inch display occupies 250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 mm, while the new version will be reduced to 247.5 x 178.7 x 6; similarly, the 12.9-inch model that now measures 305.7 x 220.6 x 6.9 mm will shrink to 280 x 215 x 6.4. This is not a miraculous intervention, but in any case an operation that will make it even easier to transport tablets that are already famous and appreciated for the minimal impact they have inside bags and backpacks.

The arrival of Face ID technology and the smaller dimensions will not only bring benefits. First, since the face scan components only work if they are oriented correctly, the release will take place only by keeping it vertical. In addition, the reduction in thickness and size of the new iPads will be an opportunity for Apple to remove also on the tablets the entrance for 3.5mm audio jack already long gone on iPhones.

To characterize more the new iPad could be a repositioning of the optional keyboard. To facilitate the use of the device vertically, Apple may decide to move the Smart Connector the accessory for the magnetic coupling of keyboards and covers right on the lower side of the device, so that it can be unlocked even when you are working with the accessory connected. The move would require using iPad vertically even with the keyboard connected, a solution that is actually more comfortable for anyone who wants to write emails or simple documents oriented by nature in this way, but which would still require a good dose of habit and would risk being unpopular with a good slice regular users.


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