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Assistant, Google confirms the update in Italian by the end of the year

enero 16, 2020

During the presentation of LG V30, announced the update of the voice assistant also in Korean and Spanish

Google Assistant

Berlin Google Assistant will also soon speak Korean, Italian from Spain: the virtual assistant update was announced by Scott Huffman, Vice President of Engineering Google Assistant, during the press conference to present the new LG V30 at the IFA in Berlin.

Google Assitant in Italian

Available on Android and iOS smartphones, on the Google Home smart speaker arriving on other connected speakers made by Anker and Panasonic, Assistant reactivates in response to voice commands, with which it is possible to search online, control other applications and music playback, as well as set alarms and calendar appointments.

Google Assistant will command LG appliances

With V30 Assistant you can also directly control LG appliances: a voice request will be enough, for example, to start the washing machine. Provided you remembered to prepare it first.


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