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Twitter will allow you to moderate responses to tweets

enero 15, 2020

There will be four options available to select before posting a tweet, in order to moderate or cancel replies

Twitter revealed to the CES of Las Vegas 2020 who is introducing a feature that will allow you to limit responses to tweets. To your tweets. This new feature will finally allow users to control who responds to tweets, guaranteeing them the ability to moderate and allow responses to specific users, such as followers or those mentioned in the tweet itself.

Release times and countries have not yet been announced. What you know for sure that when you post a tweet you can choose between 4 options to limit the answers. Global, Group, Panel, Statement.

Limit responses to tweets, the options that will be available

ways to limit replies to tweets

Global, all Twitter users will be able to join the conversation. Group,replies will be allowed to the people followed or to those mentioned in that specific tweet. Panel,the only ones authorized to respond can be the users mentioned in the twitter. Statement, nobody will have the right to reply. That is, don't you want answers at all? You can do it.

A further step compared to the news introduced in October, when the platform allows users tohide some replies to your tweet. The decisions of the Californian company, in fact, are made with a view to promoting a healthy conversation environment.

We want people to feel safe taking part in the Twitter conversation, the company explained in a statement, referring to the cyber-bullying allegations that it has often faced.

Twitter plans to test the response selection tool in the first quarter of 2020, monitor its use and make any changes if necessary before distributing it.

Reduce the need for private accounts

Twitter also claims that this new feature was introduced in an attempt to prevent tweets from being overwhelmed by swarms of responses or hijacked by trolls, and it is hoped that it will reduce the number of users who feel they need to make their account private in order to avoid such unwanted interactions.

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