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Transmeta: we are 5 years ahead

enero 15, 2020

The advantage of Transmeta's technology over its opponents would be five years. According to David Ditzel, CEO of the company, which jumped to the headlines in these days after the announcement of the now imminent release of laptops equipped with its Crusoe processor. According to Ditzel, keeping the competitors at a distance would be the fact that it would be necessary to work on the software "and from my experience – said Ditzel – it takes a long time to start from scratch in this sector, at least five years to reach our level based on my experience". Transseta in recent days has signed agreements with some important manufacturers of laptops including Sony, Fujitzu and NEC. According to market observers, many others will join the Crusoe users' batch which allows to extend the life of the batteries and to build machines with a more compact design thanks to the less heat dispersion.

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